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It has been about three months since I've returned from the Minerva Realm and got to know about The Grimm Battlefield.

The three months passed like a blur and tomorrow will be the day, I will leave for the Grimm Battlefield through Airship.

Of these three months, I've spent it half in my hometown while another half in the westblood, the return from my hometown was quite tearful this time.

A month ago, I told my parents that I am going to leave for the half-year to a year for special training, my mother was quite against it at first but she relegated seeing adamant I am about leaving.

I have sold half of the stuff I got from the Minerva realm and the price I got in return is better than I expected.

My only regret that even after working hard nearly every day for the past two and a half months, I only able to perform 15 th pose of Body Cleansing Technique.

This Body Cleansing Technique is damn hard, I thought these two and a half months would be more than enough for me to perform 17 th even 18 th pose but I was only able to advance to the 15 th pose only.

It is very difficult to perform Body Cleansing Technique, not only needs a lot of energy to perform, but it also increases strain over my body many times with every move.

Three weeks ago, right after I performed the 15 th pose of Body Cleansing Technique, I fell unconscious. When I woke up, an hour had already passed.

That's how much pressure this technique puts the body under, though the pressure is great to be able to preserve under such condition, he will get taste benefits beyond his imagination.

With the regular practice of this technique for three months, I have tasted such benefits.

Just two days ago in Miasta forest, I killed a Master stage monster with just strength of my body.

While fighting it, I did not use any skills or Rule power or any Totem artifact just used pure strength of my body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Through it took me more than three hours to kill that monster and by the time I am finished, I was injured quite a lot but still, it felt quite good to kill the monster with just physical strength.

It is quite a big accomplishment and many people would be shocked if they knew about it as bodies of monsters quite strong and defeat them we humans always relied on the Skill's, Artifacts and other things, we never much relied on just strength of our bodies to defeat them.

I couldn't help but sigh but when I look at the glittering view of Westblood city through my balcony.

This is my last night in the westblood city before leaving for Grimm Battlefield tomorrow morning.

I had already made preparation, now I just have to tomorrow and wand go toward the Airbase.

After staying an hour more on the balcony, I finally went to sleep. When I woke the next day, it's already early morning.

To my surprise, Ashlyn had already woken

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