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I am shocked seeing this spirit totem, I thought this werewolf was just normal but did not expect it to be a low-level elite of its tribe.

Grimm Race's power system seems similar to our but it very different from the core.

It is said that the Grimm race comes from the high-level world and if not for our having restriction of power level, even experts from a small tribe of that world have the power to annihilate everyone in this world.

The red smoky werewolf silhouette that appeared above Werewolf is spirit Totem from its tribe.

The Spirit Totem werewolf although it is a little fuzzy and made of smoke, one can see its regality. Just one look and feel reverence arose in my heart, if I keep looking another few seconds, I would have definitely kneeled in front of it.

It is cautioned that one must never look at Spirit Totems directly as all of them have the power to enchant. it's not the totem doing it on purpose but the, in reality, the original Spirit Totem is powerful enough that even its impression can charm anyone.

It is said to be made from dead souls of their tribe experts, those tribe spirits are extremely powerful and those who could draw power from them considered elite of the tribe.

Although looking at the totem spirit and Information I've read, this totem spirit is the lowest of a kind but it will still double the power of this werewolf

Thank the god this Werewolf is not marked, otherwise, the only choice I would have left was to run far as I can.

"Yes, this is Great Spirit Totem of my tribe and now you will face its power." said werewolf with its fiendish smile and smoky spirit totem came down started to cover werewolf body with its red smoke.

As werewolf covered in a cloak of red smoke, It attacked me and this time its speed faster than last time and it is giving off oppressive feelings.

Seeing it coming toward me, I also didn't stay on the spot but run toward it.

I had already merged 50% of Rule of Killing into my skill, with it my senses even became sharper and my attacks will be stronger.


My sword and shield clashed with its axes and when I flicked my wrist to slide my sword toward its shoulder, it maneuvered its ax same time and stopped my sword from making the further advances.


Seeing it is being failed, I took back my sword and attacked toward its thigh which was showing weakness but I found my sword is blocked just as it started to move.


Looks like its the spirit totem had not only give boots to its strength, it also gave a boost to its senses otherwise it would have been very for it to stop my sword this quickly.

"Your totem spirit is quite good!" I complimented, hearing the complement from me a big smile appeared on his hideous face which looked even more hideous

"The majesty of our Totem Spirit is beyond your comprehension food," it said boastingly, "If you surrender now and ask for forgiveness, I promise I will give you

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