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Seeing the seven vines coming at me speedily, I activated my Speed skill and Defense skill and merged 85% of Rule power into them.

Though, activation of these skills won't help me much against the vines that are coming from me as they will reach me before the skills are fully activated but they will be a great help to against future attacks like the fist that is coming just behind the vines.

Seeing those vines right in front of my heart started to beat up fast, the two skills I am activating won't help against these seven vines as they will be activated way too late.

The only option I am seeing successfully defending against these vines isis merged or power Rule power in my skill but I don't want d too that, as I was just imagining the pain I will feel when one of these vines I suddenly remember the move I once saw and decided to perform it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This time I will not deal with each vine at a time as I will not be able to fend off all of them instead I did the weapon movement I have seen the memory when I was comprehending killing Rule from the Axe at Rule Palace.

This movement is one of the few things I was able to see clearly in the memory, he had performed it with the Axe but I am doing it with Axe, I hope it will be successful or these vines sure going to feel pain.


Injecting all maximum mana in my sword, I swung my sword three times as fast as I could, at every swing, at first slash my sword clashed two metal vines that were coming for my shoulder and chest.

A great shock had traveled as when my sword clashed against the two metallic vines, I am want to relax my arms to absorbThabo but I did not and swung there the swung sword forcefully.

Clank Clank

This time, my sword also clashed against two vines and this time the shock I felt in my arm is even more powerful than the last time as last times shock is still lingering in my arm, the combination of both of shock is enough to make my arm a little slow.

Normally, it would be not a problem if my arm a little slow as motions I am performing is taking a fraction of seconds, not even full second, sometimes delay of microsecond did not matter much but now it matters very much.

So, I forcefully gritted my teeth as swung my sword at three Metalic vines that are coming toward me in a way I saw it in the memory.

Clank Clank

My sword clashed against the two vines and it slowed down a little involuntarily due to shock my arm is bearing, seeing that my heart stopped.

If I didn't do anything, the vine going to attack my neck and power of this blow is fatal enough to kill me.

The Robot will stop before it could seriously injure but stopping it only mean the fight will be over, I don't want that to happen as I haven't reached my limit yet.

The only way to stop that vine attacking me is to merge more Rule power in my three skills,

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