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There are more than a hundred cuts all over my body but no blood could be seen leaking from them as this is also one of the perks of killing Rule.

As long as I cover my body with killing energy, no blood would leak out of me, no matter how many cuts I had received.

Currently, I am observing the weird energy that presents in my wound, it is very ferocious and wanted to charge inside my body but hold down my by Rule power.

After observing them enough, I took out a healing potion bottle and drank but a few seconds passed, no a single change occurred to my wounds.

I had expected this seeing the viciousness of energy that it would not let any healing effect take place on my wounds.

I started to think about ways to remove my body and I started to attack it with my mana but I was shocked to see that it is devouring my mana and getting stronger, seeing that I effectively cut the supply of mana.

This energy is really vicious, it looks like I have to use my Rule power after all.

I am now suffering from splitting headaches due to using two Rule power at once, the headache would not have been this worse but when my Killing Rule advanced, the pressure on my mental energy increase many times more.

The killing Rule is the one blocking this mysterious energies path and despite feeling hedach I took the strand of killing energy and attacked it on that Mysterious energy.

The Killing energy instantly obliterated but seeing that I did not turn sad but happy as I saw that it felt threatened against killing energy and attacked it and the reason it was obliterated because I just use a strand of mental Killing energy, not a hunk of it.

Seeing killing energy may useful against it, I used a hunk of killing energy while enduring spitting headaches and attacked that mysterious energy.

Both Mysterious energies fought and finally Killing energy able to erase a small part of that energy.

This mysterious energy is very resilient, if I used killing energy to obliterate it, it will take days even a full week.

I should try Sunfire Rule, I thought. The offensive power of Killing Rule is not that great to compare to Sunfire Rule if I guess then is 30% of Sunfire which is less than one-third power of Sunfire Rule.

Sunfire rule is one of the best offensive Rule in the 2nd level and it should be very effective against this mysterious energy but first I have to replace Killing Rule with Sunfire and I have to do it fast enough so that, this Mysterious energy won't take advantage of it and sleeps into my body.

"I am such an idiot!" I said as I slapped myself on the uninjured part of my temple. if I have replaced Killing Rule with Sunfire Rule, all my wounds would have burst open and it would have taken less than a minute for me lose all my blood, not only that this mysterious energy would have taken this chance to invade my body.

It was good that I quickly realized my mistake. Now before I could replace Killing Rule with Su

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