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When I first looked at the projection of Grimm Race, I thought if I had been seeing bipedal monsters or not.

Because the Grimm Race looked eerily similar to that off Bipedal monsters first it was theorized that Grimm race is likely to evolve from the monster race but after extensive research of thousands of years, it is found that Grimm Race is completely different that of monster race.

There may be many similarities between them and Dark energy of Grimm race affect monsters both physically and mentally but still, monster race and Grimm Race is different but they are still called monster because how cruel and Ruthless they are.

The Grimm race monsters may look like Bipedal monsters but they are intelligent as humans as using a different type of artifact like us.

There is no fixed size of them, they came in every size and many of them can increase their size depending

As for their power level, it is different from us.

Their power practice started from Stage 1 which is equal stage Corporal stage, Stage 2 equal to the lieutenant stage, Stage 3 Colonel Stage, Stage 4 is Equal to Marshal stage.

Like us humans, there are many Grimm race monsters that we're able to fight beyond the level and they also have something that gave them boost akin to Rule power that gave us.

These stages of Grimm Race powerhouses found around in the range Grimm Battlefield and around fort Cavendish, there are also some Stage 5 as they are way more powerful than the other four stages, at Stage 5 they got qualitative change in their strength, just like us when we level up Marshal stage to completely different stage.

After reading everything, I go to the small covering booth which is set up for the rookies to convert their credits into the merit points.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After converting 10 Million credits into 1000 Merit points, I called the hovercar to take me to the place where I will be staying.

I had already booked a good apartment for 1000 merit points, it may not be good as my previous apartment but it still looked quite good through the photos.

The hovercar here is different from what we have in the Westblood, all of them are military graded for the maximum defense and speed but I ordered it run at its slowest speed, so, I could take a look at this outpost properly.

As the hovercar sped by, I got my first ever glimpse of the city and with one look, I could tell that Fort Cavendish is way different from the Westblood.

Westblood city, despite being a city of adventurers gives a feeling of the normal city where people wore whatever they want and do whatever they want but here is completely different.

50% of the people walking on the street are wearing full battle gear from armor to boots and weapons hanging on their bodies. it looks like they are either going for battle or coming back from it.

The other 50% are weari

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