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I was busy with fighting tall Ratman when I heard quite weird squeak like a scream, it was quite irritating to ears.

Tall Ratman and I at the same time cast our looked toward the sound and when I saw the source of the voice I was quite surprised.

I was captain stage short Ratman and now it looked way different than it looked ten some minutes ago when the fight started.

It now looked like a barbequed Rat, not only it is burned every inch of its skin, there are even bullets hole all over its body.

From the look of it, it looks quite miserable as it is largely unsuccessful fending off against thumbnail size of fireballs of Ashlyn which are shooting toward it one after another like a bullet without pause.

This is special fireball that Ashlyn had derived in the past three months, these fireballs are concentrated till they became thumbnail size and the power of Sunfire is fused in them and they shoot like a bullet toward the opponents but that's not the only thing special about them.

These fireballs came in two variations, one is bullet variation which strikes the opponent like the bullet and pierced through it while the second is also flies like a bullet but when it touched the skin, it explodes and covers the whole body.

The funny thing is both of the fireballs look the same and released the same way, so one cant identity what type of fireball is one facing against, one will only able to know when the fireball crashed against something.

One can save himself from piercing fireball but it is very hard to save himself from the exploding fireball as just as it exploded, it enveloped the whole body. Only a very good shield or defensive skill could save itself from the fireball's explosion effect.

I definitely the inspiration she got for the bullet fireball is from my skill fire strike but I don't where she got the idea of making fireball that explodes and then enveloped.

This effect of exploding and enveloping is very tricky, I have seen it tens of time but till now, I wasn't able to figure how she made it and I didnt ask her, I have my own pride and will figure out how its make eventually.

The wretched barbequed condition of Ratman is clearly the result of an exploding fireball.

Just one look at their battle, one could easily tell that little birdy flying above the Ratman has already won the battle and now she is just playing around it.

I hope that Ashlyn didnt injured it too much, otherwise I will lose many Mana Crystals.

"Brother save me!" asked short Raatman in a squeaky voice as another fireball pierced through its skin.

Hearing it's brother's plea, the tall Ratman wanted to run toward its brother but just as it took a few steps, I stood in front of it blocking its way.

"Where are you going, our fight handnt finished yet," I said and launched another attacked at it.


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