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"Micheal!" I heard a soft scream and the next moment I felt soft arms around me which picked me before I could completely fell on the floor.

I know by the feeling of arms that it is my mother that is holding my smelly body, not only there was my father present in the lab but my mother is present also.

I gave a tired smile to my mother which I barely able to form on my face and concentrated on my body which is going through the process of level up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It was a good thing, I had already eaten a small monster core to provide me enough energy to complete my breakthrough to the Sergeant stage.

Currently, I am refining Berserk Energy of monster core through my Refining Engine to provide for the breakthrough.

The level up shouldn't take long, In ten to twenty minutes, I will be at the Initial stage of Sergeant Stage.

My mother had gently placed on the floor and waited silently for my breakthrough to be finished.

Normally I wasn't able to make any movement for at least half an hour after I performed body cleansing technique but today is special, as I am leveling up and in just a few minutes, I can make a small movement.

I am confident that by the time I am finished leveling up, I will be able to walk normally.

This will only happen today became I am leveling up, I know that when tomorrow If I were to perform 13 th pose, I will still be lying on the floor like a dead dog for at least half an hour like always.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, I completely leveled up to the Initial level of Sergeant stage.

"I am going to take a shower," I said as I stood up from the walk toward the shower that is built in the lap.

After removing all the small devices that sticking to my body and the clothes I am wearing, I let the warm water cascade over me.

The feeling of Being at the Sergeant stage is clearly different that of the Corporal stage, I not only got a boost in Mana but my physique also improved but there is not much change in my strength.

Since I've comprehended the Rule power, my strength had experienced the huge boot, so with me being level up to Sergeant stage did not boost my overall strength but it did give me a boost on the core level.

With me being at Sergeant stage my instant got sharper, I could react faster than before and it is very helpful in combat.

Even if I have all the power of Rule but didn't have instincts to match then having all that Rule power is useless.

After feeling clean and odor-free, I got out of the shower and wore the clothes that I had already placed before.

"Did you get them all the data you needed?" I asked my father as I came out of the shower, "Yes, It is even better than I expected." said my father with a slight t smile before looking back at his screen.

" Mommy is so proud of her baby." I heard and next moment my mother's arms enveloped me ti

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