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"So, where are we stying?" asked Rachel after we got our fill from the diversity around us. "Let's sit and look," I said as I motioned toward the empty seats in the lounge.

In the home, I wanted to research the place I will be staying in the Midzone but I could not as, no information about it could be accessed from my authority, so all I could is wait in desspointement.

As we sat on the chair, the adventures paradise site and tapped on the lodging section in it. In the lodging section, I type the requirement of the lodging we wanted.

We had already decided to live together, though we will stay in a separate room but still live together. So, we need a place big enough that has separate rooms for us, and the most important aspect we need is a practice hall.

We need a practice hall; it had to be big enough for us to have a normal fight without much restricted by space, though I know such space will be very expensive, I did not care about as the mana crystals are the only thing that I don't lack.

"My God, are these prices," Rachel said in astonishment, not only her, but I also got shocked seeing the prices; they are beyond my imagination. It felt like the outpost I had been a backward village, which lacked even basic facilities while this place is the world's biggest and most developed metropolitan.

If my parents were to see these prices, they would directly fall unconcious. This how obnoxious prices here are. If not me having loads of mana crystal that could feel the storage artifact, I would say something in shock as Rachel did.

In the outpost, I used to live in the apartment, which cost less than one Mana Crystals, but here, even the smallest apartment cost one thousand Mana crystals, and the places of requirement started from the twenty-five thousand mana crystals.

The prices are so high likely due to the strength people here posses. The lowest level of strength here is Three Star Elite, even the noncombat personnel here have the strength of one-star elite or above.

And for the one who posses strength of three-star elite, one thousand mana crystal just changes as one would gain for killing a single Grimm race monster of similar strength. So the sky-high prices here are not that surprising.

After the initial shock, we calmed ourselves down and started to browse the properties in earnest, though the prices here are high; they are not that high for us who have mana crystals in millions.

So, we calmly browed the the the properties, checking what they offer and what we need.

"Are we sure about this one?" I asked Rachel, motioning toward the lifelike projection of the place we have chosen, "Yes." Rachel said, and the next moment, I clicked on the rent, and we both started signing a bunch of documents.

This place we are renting cost a whopping sixty thousand mana crystal, though it is expensive it is worth it. It not only had a big living space but also had the three practice halls. Of the three, two

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