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I retracted my Swirling Armor and walk toward the rest when I saw the expression of the shock of everybody's face, with shock on Rachel, and Leo's face is more evident than others.

"Watching the footage and watching with own is really different," Leo said with the sigh while looking at me.

To which I could only smile ruefully as I know what he is referring to, but now compare to twins, my power is nothing, I will have to work very hard if I want to catch up to them again.

"This ability Armor of yours give you great speed, it will be amazing if I can gain such speed," she said softly.

Rachel is an Archer, and speed is necessary for them to get away from the enemy who came very close.

"Dont you worry with your wind ability, as long as you can create the Ability Armor you will able to get the swift speed," I said.

The Ability Armor made by Windpower and Lightning power would be unusually fast, even a little faster, the fire ability Armor.

"Your control over your ability is quite good." praised twins father before turning toward twins, "Girls, you should focus on ability control more; it will be beneficial toward future practice."

It took me one and a half hour to get out of the twin's home, I would have left sooner, but their mother is quite forceful, so I had to stay for dinner.


I landed the front yard of the house, shocking my parents and sister, who were relaxing on the chairs of the front yard.

"Micheal!" Both my parents shouted in unison, my landing was too abrupt that surprised them very much, my father even took out the sword from its storage.

"Dont you know it is forbidden to fly in the central part of the city, you could get punished for this." my father said sternly as I walked toward them.

"Dont worry, I have an Authority," I said, which seemed to shock even my father. The only people who could fly over the city are the high-level members of the organization, and there is the reason for that.

There is a power formation laid in the central part of Capital, it is not only in the Capital of the Republic, but it is put on the Capital on the capitals of all the countries o the Capital, including underground chambers, which act as a fortress.

It was done that if Grimm monsters attacked with force, the humans will somewhere safe to stay till the reinforcement from the central continent arrives.

So out of respect, only those who earned the contribution in the battle against the Grimm monsters will get to fly over the city. I only got this authority after fighting the dangerous battle.

"Brother, can take me to fly?" My sister asked in her broken toddler voice, "Of course I will take you to fly but not today. " I said.

I will take you tomorrow." I added when see her becoming sad by the answer.

It is a perfect time to take her to fly as she will be able to able to see the city lights from down below, but I have so many things to do, such as cooking and giving some im

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