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What she Jill had sent me is knowledge Crystal, seeing it I couldnt believe what she had sent this as the value of it had far surpassed the Emperor Grade blueprint that I was offered to the siblings.

I looked at the knowledge crystal for a while before taking out the note that was attached to the. When I read the note, I understood why she has sent me the note and felt very touched by it.

She had said, when she entered the Ruin, she had directly transported to the broken vestige where she had found seven Knowledge crystals, but to her utter disappointment, they were all the same.

One could use only one Knowlege crystal of one type and would not able to assimilate the knowledge crystal of the same type.

She had found seven knowledge crystals, she and family would have used four and the remaining one she had sent to me. If she wanted, she would have sold it and would have received a whopping amount of money, and getting Emperor blueprints and materials for it would have been possible.

She still gave it to me; I felt very touched about her gesture, the only disappointing thing she did not mention the type of knowledge this is, well I will know it when I assimilate it.

"Micheal, what it is?" mother said, and her voice so close, and I got startled that I accidentally touched the knowledge crystal. I was about to curse loudly but stopped myself as I know it very badly if I swore for a second time, especially my sister in my lap.

I stopped myself and laid against the Sofa and waited for the usual process of knowledge assimilation to start but few seconds passed, and nothing happened, I was surprised seeing that and again touched the Knowledge crystal, but the result was the same.

I smiled mirthlessly, seeing that; this could mean only one thing. I already assimilated the knowledge that contains withing this knowledge crystal. Till now, I have assimilated four Knowledge crystals, and that means this knowledge crystal contains similar knowledge as the four knowledge crystal, or I might say three knowledge crystals.

It should not contain the Knowledge of the Totem Artifacts; otherwise, Jill would not have been that excited when I told her I would be giving her the Blueprint of the Emporer Class Totem Artifact.

This could only mean she this knowledge crystal contains the knowledge of Universal Language, Natural Material, or Fauna.


Suddenly I heard the loud shout, only to see my mother shouted at me and my father also appeared near me without me knowing. "I am sorry, I had just got too excited seeing this thing," I said ruefully as I motioned toward the Knowledge crystal.

"What is this crystal?" Mother asked again, "Th

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