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I took out my sword from the Grimm monster's chest one smooth motion and crush the last speck of Ominous plant core in my mouth to heal my injuries.


Its body fell on the ground, and my injuries started to heal at the visible speed and withing a second. This was the bloodiest fight I have been in quite some time, I did not get much injured in the battle as I am now.

Hearing the sound of fighting, I know Rachel is still fighting and about to walk toward her when I noticed Horned Dogman, which is lying immobile on the ground.

I did not kill it as I have to harvest the mana crystal off it, so without wasting any time I bound it and started to charge my sword as for Rachel, I am sure she will handle that monsters on her own, and there is Ashlyn, who will save her if she comes to any danger.

The Horned dogman had probably guessed what is going to happen to, and it is now begging with its eyes, but I did not feel any shred of the mercy of it, it is sure that it had done things that are hundred times worse than what I am going to do it.


As the sword completly charged, I pierced through the center of the chest, and it started to make muffled noises through the gag, but I did not listen to them for a bit, and I am solely concentrated on the red lines that are spreading all over its body.

Soon the lines finished spreading, and its body started to turn red; after elementalising its magic veins, its elementalisation of its body started, which finished in few seconds.

This process may seem long, but it happened very fast, it finished within the minute, the harvesting process takes a longer time than the elementalisation process.

Seeing its whole body elemetalised, I placed the runic disk on it to harvest the fire crystal from the Grimm Monsters body. I was quite surprised to see that the monster is still alive.

This monster was really powerful, such terrifying vitality helped it survive the whole elementalisation process if I had not used the Runic disk, I am confident that it would have reversed the elementalisation and became good as new in just a few hours.

That is why it important to kill Grimm monsters on the chance one got otherwise with their terrifying vitality; they could heal from any damage.

After placing the Runic Disk, I did not stay near the body and walked toward the place where Rachel is fighting. It is one thing elementalising the body, but if I stayed there till the crystals harvest, then I would not here end of it if Rachel came to know.

It took me a few minutes to reach the place where Rachel and that Horned Dogman fighting.

When I looked at their fight, I was quite surprised to find that Rachel seem

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