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The only regret I have that currently, I did have a way to make parents level up safely; there are many ways out there, and my father also offered a level up from his organization, but he rejected it.

As all their ways either damaged one's talent and potential, even though their talent is not much, they dont want to damage it by forcefully leveling up.

There are several ways to level up safely, but all of them are available on the central continent. I also have some formulas that could help them, but nearly all of them required something that could be found or ordered in from one.

There is one safe away, but for that, I will have to create 100 seals of Supreme Compat Exercise. Every ruby seals produce some drops of Origin, my Origin would be useless them, but Ashly n's Origin would not as she would also be able to produce the Origin after my ruby seal imprinted on her.

As long as that Origin fed to the monster of my parents, who are the same race as Ashlyn also her parents. That Origin would spark a potential in them, and spark will help them level up a few stages, if they are lucky, then they might even level up to Ashlyn's stage.

Though this is not the only way, this is the safest and easiest way that could be done on our continent.

Today is a little different from the rest of the day, yesterday evening ellen had returned from the Grimm battlefield, and few hours I am going to meet her and the mysterious girlfriend hers.

I am a little curious about this would-be fiance of her's she had been so secret about.

Tring Tring…

I was playing with my sister on the floor when my Holowatched buzzed when I looked. I found it was Jill, seeing that I accepted the call.

"Look At My Totem Artifact!" this the first word she said and next moment an I saw a Beautiful Emerald Scimitar. Her Scimitar is a simple design, but that is what makes it beautiful.

The edges of her Scimitar seemed very sharp, sharp enough that anything that will touch it will be sliced apart. It is the perfect weapon for her who has the speed type ability and also comprehended the Speed Rule.

"Your scimitar is very sharp!" I praised her totem Artifact, "Right! Even my father was impressed by the sharpness that I had imagined out in the blade." she said.

All the Emperor Class Totem Artifacts are amazing, but one does little research and worked on their imagination a little before crafting artifact; they can make it even better.

I had asked Jill to take some time in thinking before she crafts her Totem Artifact so that it could become even more perfect.

"Take a look at my Totem Artifact, isn't it better than the Jill's!" I heard a familiar voice behind Jill, and the ne

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