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Finally, I heard the melodious voice that I had been waiting to hear for a few minutes.


As I took out the Runic disk from the Grimm monster's body, it's already dried, vitality less body turned to dust.

"One thousand and sixty-two fire crystals," I shouted happily before I started to laugh madly.

The amount is really great, I did not expect the this Grimm monster would give me this much crystal as even a peak Nine Star Elite would give around seven thousand mana crystal, but this monster has given me more than ten thousand crystals.

The value of 1 elemental crystal is 10 normal mana crystal, this means the 1062 Fire crystals I have is equal to 10620 regular mana crystal.

I am feeling really happy, not because I was able to harvest one thousand mana crystal but because I was able to harvest Elemental crystals, which are always very scarce despite their continuous supply from the Warzone.

The supply of Elemental Crystal always very scars, and it is understandable, these elemental mana crystals are better than regular mana crystals as they could do many things that normal mana crystals won't able.

They are needed in everything, from the airship fuel to Alchemy, from practice to creating Totem artifact everyone is in need of them and that is why every batch that appeared in Adventures Paradise always sold out quickly.

"You will teach me harvesting elemental crystal right?" Rachel asked as she took the red fire crystal from the disk.

"Sure!" I said It would have been quite a hassle if she had lacked the control over energy but her energy control is more than enough to harvest the Elemental crystal, it would take a few tries under my instruction before she was able to harvest the elemental crystals from the Grimm monsters.

"Let's go."

I said and we walked away and few minutes later we have come across the new team of the Grimm monsters, they were all the Nine Star Elite but way weaker than the team of the Grimm monster we have fought earlier.

We had finished them off withing few minutes and started to harvest them, like last time, this time also I have elementalise them before harvesting the elemental crystals of them.

Rachel also had beaten four Grimm monsters and intentionally kept them alive to harvest the elemental mana crystals off them. Rachel did not succeed, though that had frustrated her a little, she also understood that she will not succeed in just one day.

After finishing off the first team, we finished off second, third and fourth teams, we kept killing and killing and we killed we head deeper for the stronger opponents. We are still roaming in the Outskirt but going a little deeper.

As we go deeper, th

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