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"Finally, Home!" Sophia said we walked out of the airship, 'Yes, finally.' I couldnt say home as this was my first time in the Capital.

The Capital, as I have seen in th photos, is grand as I have expected and felt quite refreshing after the monotone color of the Outpost. It also felt a little cheerful compare to the always serious environment of the Outpost.

We got out of the Airstation and flew toward the core part of the city, it usually is forbidden to fly over the core part of the city for ordinary people, but the due to the Guild Badge, we could fly over it.

My parents also live in the core part, the organization my father worked for have provided them with the small villa, so we are all going toward the central section of the city.

"Micheal, dont forget to come tomorrow." Sophia said, " dont worry, I'll be there." I said before moving toward my parent's house while they went toward theirs. In our group, except for Rachel, everyone is from Capital.

Rachel is also staying in the Capital for a day at the twin's house. She will leave for Westblood tomorrow after the ceremony is over.

Tomorrow twins are going to craft their Totem Artifact, and they had invited me to be a witness. Crafting a Totem Artifact is a big deal, especially Emperor grade Artifact, which will stay with them for their whole life.

It is the reason Rachel is staying for a day in the Capital; otherwise, she would already be left for the westblood.

After flying a few minuits I reached my home, like others, I did not tell my parents about me coming early, they still think I am coming a week later.


Soon I reached my parent's house and landed in front of its gates, 'The organization has offered quite a great accommodation.' I said as I looked at the small villa that my father's organization him. Though the villa is small and it looked beautiful, a perfect place for the small family.

'Ding Dong!'

I touched the screen at the gate, and soft chine rang out, now I just have to wait and them to be surprised.


The opened and next moment my mother let out a loud shout of surprise as she saw me waiting by the door.


But my eyes in not on my mother but a small bundle to joy with a ponytail come from behind, and when she saw me, she also couldnt help but shout cutely in her toddler's voice.

"Mom, would you!" I said to my surprised mother as I motioned toward the gate, which she forgets to open in her surprise.

"Oh!" she said and quickly tapped few buttons on holowatch, and next moment, the gate opened, and I went in.

"Weren't you going to come a week later?" mother asked, "Yes, but something good happened,

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