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Our weapons clashed again, but this time, no one moved; we just stayed rooted on our spot. It had become quite surprised seeing me not move although this attack of it was more powerful than the last.

Clang Clang Clang…

But it did not spend much time thinking about it seeing me taking my sword back and attacking again, it responds without missing a beat.

We started to clash intensely with each attack of us is more powerful than before; the Battle was very intense with a simple mistake one's part could result in death. So, each attack of us is extremly calculated and flexible.

Those who can cross the boundary of White Elites are very smart, though white elite may be the lowest of Elites, one still has to expend countless resources and bear hardships before one could reach it and surpassed it.

Clang Clang Clang…

I spin the swirls on my armor faster and faster for more power while it is too using; it's all to fight me. We are fighting in the stalemate with no winner in sight, but it could change any time.

If I had some hidden strength or I had started to us the Occult method, then the Battle could change ant time. I will not use the Occult energy, not in this Battle unless this Orc uses something that I could not defend with my current power.

I very rarely get to fight the opponent of similar who I could not finish quickly; these opponents are gems that help me challenge myself and help me furnish and my fighting my style.

So, when I find them, I make sure to utilize them fully. Squeeze then to the last of their value before killing them.

Time passed by I kept fighting while inching closer and closer to my victory, while Rachel is also doing the same.

Fighting the Grimm monsters of higher strength, Rachel is having quite a hard time, but she is still fighting. However, she is got injured bit during the initial period of the Battle, her condition has now stabilized, and she is currently fighting the Grimm monsters on equal ground.

I hoped the Grimm Monsters she is fighting is a little stronger, strong enough to make her utilize her's Totem Artifact. She had been quite secretive about it, and when I asked to show me her Totem Artifact, she had diverted my question, saying, 'It is not ready.'

I got quite confused by her answer, as one could create the Totem Artifact in the single day, and one could use it at will whenever they want, but Rachel said her Totem Artifact is still in the process of Crafting.

I had asked her why 'It is not ready,' but she had just smiled instead of answering my question. Seeing that, I did not ask her about to again, but I have some theories.

The Mysterious Energy is one of them; there is mysteriou

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