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I walked near them and watched them for a few seconds, hoping they would notice me on their own, so I wouldn't have to break their makeout as no one's likes to be disturbed when they are making out but seeing how engrossed they are in each other, I have no choice but to do that.

"Un hoo!"

I cough little loudly, so I would break their makeout session for at one's, hearing the loud, awkward cough; both of them stopped kissing and looked toward sound angrily and about to say something sharp when they saw it is me and closed their mouth.

"Micheal, it's been long!" said Ellen with a little awkward laugh. She helped her girlfriend got off her lap, and I finally get to see her face.

"Madeline!" I said out in surprise; I know this girl. It had been years since I saw her. First time I saw her in the training facility of my first apartment building in the Westblood, On the third day of me arriving at the westblood.

She was fighting Nigel that time, she had broken the heart of a poor guy, and he had challenged her out of embarrassment, but in that challenge, he was beaten black and blue by her.

I did not saw her after that; from what I heard from Nigel and billy, she had joined the Crystal Knights and moved to a different city.

"You know her?""You know me?" both of them asked in unison, I shook my head to their question.

"She used to stay in the same apartment building as me in westblood, and from what I had heard, she left that building two days after I got there," I said. Hearing that look of understanding dawned on their face.

"You mentioned, 'Fron what you heard,' where you had the crush on my fiance?" Ellen said teasingly as she took the hand of Madeline in her's and kissed it softly.

Hearing that stress lines on my forehead formed and I gitted my teeth lightly as I clearly remember memory where she was half-naked and fiercely kissing the girl I had a crush on.

"No, I did not have a crush on your girlfriend; he was my friend who had, and your fiance quite badly beat him," I said through gritted teeth.

I still remeber how badly he was lost, that poor guy directly fell unconcious that billy had to carry him out of the ring.

"Are you talking about Nigel?" Madeline asked, there was slight anger that could be seen on her face when she asked her. I can't fault her for her anger, as Nigel had become quite obsessed with her that he even started stalking her.

Only after she went to another city that he slowly started to become better.

"Yes!" I said, "Micheal, tell that your friend that never come across me, or I'll beat him till he can't see straight." Ellen said. "I will do that," I said, and I will tell him, by ellen's nature, she w

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