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Time passed quickly, and soon, ten more days passed, and finally, the time of my leaving had come. I will board for Midzone in few hours.

After the first fight, I fought with Ellen three other times, and all the three times I had lost miserably at first, but I had already expected that, the reason I fought her to get the experience of fighting a Silver Elite.

Though despite being continuously getting beater by her, I did learn a lot from and one of which that I am now able to use to Clock Sword Style a lot more efficiently.

Fighting her, I tried every move of Sword Sword Style in ways I could think of, though any move did not affect her as she has the advantage of the absolute strength, and that was the time I completly understood the old saying that 'In front of the absolute strength, all tricks were useless.'

I had also attended her engagement ceremony, which was simply beautiful. It was small and beautiful.

Other than progress in Clock Sword Style, I had also made progress in body Cleansing Technique and supreme combat exercise. I had gone through the 3rd Major Cleansing and created two seals of supreme combat exercise.

Though I was not able to level up, I had able to feed lots of medicinal energy to the Miracle Fruit Energy, after the first time losing to ellen, my craziness reached the level of my mother, and that is why I every day I would consume the meat of medicinal monsters enough that it could make me explode.

This way, I would not only able to feed the medicinal energy to miracle fruit energy but a lot of medicinal energy also able to seep inside my body, which melted and fused with my body when I reached the Third Major Cleansing Yesterday, and I would be able able to level up in maximum ten days.

With all my hard work, I think my power had reached near Peak of Nine Star Elite, and even if Peak Nine Star Elite against me, I would be able to kill it if I am fighting it for sufficiently long time.

This progress speed is very fast and would have made me proud if I hadn't had to see Ellen's power and now after fighting with ellen four-time, I understood very well that my speed of progress is very slow, if I keep progressing at such speed then I will never be able to catch up to Ellen.

The only regret I had that I was not able to estimate Ellen's real power and not able to see those mysterious marks, which boosted her power. Ellen had offered to show them to me on her own, but I declined.

I had already decided that I will see them with my effort; I want to become powerful enough that she has to summon those mysterious marks to fight against me.

"Ashlyn go out, go out!" I heard excited toddler's voice when I looked up I saw

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