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Said the Guild Leader of Scyth and around ten thousand five star elite went toward to clash against around Fifty thousand Five Star Elites that are coming from the Grimm monsters side.

The battle is brutal, bodies could be seen everywhere, but no one has the mind to look at them as one distraction would turn them into the same body they were looking.

It has been only an hour since the battle had started, and humans already had the casualties of more than ten thousand; it is a massive number of people to die within an hour, and the most regretful thing is this just the starting.

Currently, six battles are being fought in front of the Gate, they are between 9th to 5th level.

They are fighting separately and but they are inching closer and closer, if they kept getting closer at such rate, then it wouldn't take half an hour most for whole battlefields to merge and become one battlefield.

The next one to fight will us, I have already double-checked everything. My artifacts are ready and all the potions and everything where they should be, as long as the Guildmaster ordered, I will jump down from the wall.

Seeing such a massive battle, I couldnt help but get excited. Though there is immense danger, there is also a chance to earn a vast fortune. Not to forget the stuff they will have in their storages will be huge, and their bodies will also give a massive amount of Mana crystal, but these were not the things that were making me excited.

The thing that is making me excited is fighting the battle itself. I had never got a chance to test my power correctly when I was in Ruin, I wasn't able to accurately know my battle power, but I know that it is comparable to the eight-star elite.

Whether it is a weak Eight Star Elite, a medium Eight Star Elite, or powerful Eight Star Elite, I dont know.

After returning from the Ruin, I have made quite a progress. Not only my soul power had advanced, but I had also gone through one minor cleansing and not to forget my progress in simplifying my moves.

I want to see how powerful I have become, which is making me very excited.

I moved my eyes from the battle that was happening in front of me and looked at the feed of my holowatch were five battle playing out. They are the battles of rookies that are under me.

They are in the precarious condition due to enemies' huge numbers, but they are doing good, fighting with their all.

I could clearly see the improvement in them, in such high-pressure battle where a single mistake could take their life, is making them improve themselves at the visible speed.

I am quite happy seeing their progress, I hope they make huge progress and survive this b

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