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Finally, my Swirling Armor had reached 0.6 compactness. If it had been only 2nd Accomplishment, I wouldn't have been able to make it 0.6 inches compact this early. The reason I was able to do it because of the soul energy provided by the Amethyst seal.

It is very hard to make progress in the swirling Armor. Each step harder than before, it will become even harder to make it reach the compactness of 0.5 inches.

It will be difficult, but as long as I was able to do it, my power will increse tremendously.

"Good, you are not the coward who only knows how to run." Said Anterlopman and attacked me with its long black blade, which is covered in the purple lightning.

Its speed is very fast, similar to that of Cheetaman, who chased me a few hours ago.

It appared in front of me in a second and swung its blade in the attack. Seeing its blade coming at me, I did not back down as I am confident in countering it.


I activated my mini blast behind my sword hand and attacked the Grimm monster to counter its attack.

After my swirling Armor reached the compactness of 0.6 inches, its power had increased again. Before my power is equal to Peak Eight Star Elite and now, if I am not wrong, then it is equal to Early Nine Star Elite, similar to the Antelopman in from me.


Our weapons clashed, and I felt immense force rushing toward me, I have never come across such force, if it entered my body, then it has the power to break every bone in me.

The force rushed out of my sword and entered my swirling Armor, where is spread across all the swirls through the complicated network of lines and got crushed by them bit by bit.

By the time the moment was over, a very tiny amount of force had seeped inside me, which was enough to only shake my body slightly.

If it had been swirling Armor compactness of 0.7 inches, I would have directly blown apart, but this Armor perfectly bore it.

This is the difference of power between each micro inch, every single micro inch increased the power tremendously, and the power of Armor would increse even more when the Compactness of Armor reached the o.5 inches after crossing the wedge it.

It looked quite shocked seeing me taking its blow without a problem, but that did not slow it down as it attacked again and thins the lightning arc on its long blade had become quite thick.


I felt like I was electrocuted, last time I had felt a negligible current but, this time I felt full-blown electrocution, if not for me having high will power and experienced all sorts of pains, I would be flung away the sword from my hand.

The purple lightning is very powerful; it even more

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