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I walked toward the wall if it was before I could take taken a simple jump and reached the wall, but I can't do that; if I did that now, then I might get shot by the defense system of the Outpost.

The stairs are the test for the 3rd level to prove their strength, only those with the power of Six Star Elite or Above could climb it.

Soon I reached the stairs, I could see many people on the stairs, each of them had the strain on their faces, some were walking on it while others just sat on stairs with exhausted faces.

I could clearly sense their battle power and knew they are not weak by this Outposts standards as all of them have the power above the Four Star Elite but, this test is Six Star Elite, and only those who have the strength of the Six Star Elite or above would be able to climb the stairs.

I look few seconds before I took the step on the stair, and just as I did that, I felt intense pressure on my body and Soul, the pressure is so intense that even normal Six Star Elite would have to slow down, but I did not.

I took a step after step in the casual fashion as if the stairs are the regular stairs, and there is nothing special about them. Its not like I am not feeling the pressure, I am also feeling the intense pressure, but my body and Soul are strong enough to bear the strain.

In just a few minuits, I reached the top of the city wall; there are many people who could be seen on the top of the wall.

Normally in the Outpost, there are no more than two hundred people who have the strength of Six Star Elite as the limit of Outpost is Three Star Elite as one gained the strength of Three Star Elite on normally go to the Midzone.

But the Ruin changed everything, now there are three times more people that have the strength above of six-star elite or above and not to forget the reinforcement that Outpost had called, they must have asked for few thousand such warriors.

All my friends were already present on the wall, and I am now walking toward them straight, and a few minuits later, I could see the figure of the four.

"Micheal!" Rachel said as she spotted me, in the past, I sometimes used to think about Rachel when I saw this Rachel, and now I every time I see this Rachel, that Rachel came into my mind.

"Everyone," I said, "How many Grimm monsters do you think will attack? We all had made our guesses, what is yours?" Sophia asked, "I think about eight million." I said, I did not guess the number from the air but made a guess after referring to the number of monsters attacked in the past battles.

"Your and Raina's number is the same, let's see if it held true to not when monsters attack." Sophia, as said with a laugh. Though Sophia is laughi

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