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Above the wall, I saw a Gigantic projection, and on that projection are the photos and names of the Hundred people, including their Rank and points. To my utter shock, I am Ranked 1st, but that is not the most shocking thing.

The most shocking this is my points; they are four times greater than the one who ranked 2nd. That means there is a significant difference between my points and points of those ranked below me.

I had expected myself to be in Top 10 of the list, but I never had I thought I would be at the top. I had thought I would be at the bottom of Top 10 at most as there were many powerful people present on the Battlefield.

There are at least a hundred Peak Nine Star Elites that were present on the Battlefield. I am a lot weaker than them; the only advantage I had against them is my speed. It is because of the speed I was able to kill thousands of monsters with an hour.

"As expected!" I said as I checked the kills, the reason I was able to gain so many points because of the sheer number of Grimm monster I have killed, I had killed more than ten times number Grimm monster that one who ranked 2nd but when one looked at the monster quality, it is worst in the Top 10.

All the people in the Top 10 had killed more Nine Star Elites than me, the number of points they were able to get due to that while my points were baked on that.

The killing lists the most import list, but there are four other lists also and I am three of them, so except for absent from the one list, I am present in four other lists.

These five Lists are The Killing List, The Strongest List, The Fastest List, The Unique List, and The Amazing Moves List. Except for the Strongest list, I am present in all four lists, but I am not the only one in my group present, two other people are also present in the room.

Sophia and Raina had also appeared in three lists, and like me, they have also topped on two lists.

The Killing List referred to the kill count, as for the strongest list shows the one who is strongest while the fastest list shows who is fastest, and there is no doubt that I am the fastest.

They have attached a projection on mine in fastest like which is shot from above; there I could be seen in the form of the silver blur, which is cutting down any Grimm monster that came into the way.

The drones had shot these widows very well; they have shown me killing one Star Elite to Nine Star Elite without stopping. I am not the narcissist, but I have to say I looked so damn cool, I am going send the link of this video to Rachel and others.

The last two lists are a little different, but this list shows one's talent and potentials.

The Sophia and Rain top the Unique List and Amazing moves list. In Unique, one could see the power of girls Ability Armor, to be I felt if I hadn't taught the girls this Ability Armor, I would be topping this list and had not put into measly 9th position.

These two twins look very Enchanting donning t

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