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I did not let the monster body fall; after taking my sword out of its chest, I touched it directly placed in my storage; there are quite high chances that its storage still has the reward it got from the Grand Palace, but it may also have not had anything.

As it may have received something like Knowledge crystal, which could be instantly used or sold away elsewhere, anything could have happened. I wanted to check its storage, but I couldnt.

First, it is a Grimm monsters storage, which I can't open, and the other thing is I am in the middle of the Battle.

After storing the body of the Grimm monster, I looked up and see there is a slight decrease in the number of people that are fighting above. When I was fighting with the Scarlet Werewolf, I saw a few bodies of Grimm monsters falling below.

Bang! Slice!...

After watching their blurry fights for a few seconds before I activated the mini blast and started killing again.

All the battlefields have been merged and indiscriminate killing happening everywhere, I have seen a Seven Star Elite Grimm monster entering the foray of One Star Elite and massacring them inestimably.

I have killed that Grimm monster, but there are many more them who are doing the same thing, I stopped those who I saw. Still, I can't stop everything as the battlefield too enormous for me to be everywhere despite having the advantage of speed.

War is cruel, but it also the best tempering ground. Those who survived its baptism would be improved further; even those who reached the dead-end would end up improving after experiencing such a cruel war.

I am running around all over the battlefield, killing at least five Grimm monster every minute, I mostly focused on Six Star Elite or above, but I did not shy away from killing those below it.

I would kill any Grimm monster that came in my way which is within an hour; I had killed near a thousand Grimm monsters and powerhouses had started to notice me, I could feel their gazes of me.

I dont think on the whole battlefield anyone could match my speed; even those Peak Nine Star Elite would not able to match my pace in the killing and reason for that is speed. I have a distinct advantage of speed; with the mini blast, I can get the speed that no white elite can match me unless they have created something like Swirling Armor or they are jill.

Jill had the Speed type ability and comprehended the Rule of Speed; only she would be able to match me in speed at a similar stage.

"Bastard Wait!"

I heard the shout again, behind me is a monster which had a very high speed that even I am having a big problem running away from.

I had thought there would be no one who will have the speed to catch me with my speed but half an hour later. I come to know there may be some Grimm monsters that able to match me in speed, and this Grimm monster is one of them, who had been following me like a bloodhound for the past half an hour.

The Grimm Monster is

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