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Days passed by as I trained rookies and twelve days had passed, these twelve days were quite eventful not only for rookies but for me also as I noticed the number of monsters kept increasing.

They are increasing at a fast rate, and for the past week, we did not have to enter the Sardine hill; in the forest way, we came across enough Grimm monsters to keep us busy for the day.

The forest used to act as a buffer between the Outpost area and the hunting grounds, and now the boundary of the hunting grounds expanding at a rapid rate, and now there is the only wasteland between the two.

It was a good thing that Adventures Paradice had posted an advisory not to venture deep the third day the rookies training began. Otherwise, the consequences would have been dire.

Everyone is on the Edge in Outpost, and I have heard many people from the other places have also come; if I am wrong, they have called the reinforcement through the Grimm monster did this sort of thing every few years to taut the nerves of humans and didn't attack.

Human still does that despite because if Grimm monsters do attack, they attack with the numbers enough to raze the outpost to the ground and also capture lots of humans to keep then as the Livestock.

I had just returned from the training rookies a few hours ago. I finished instructing Sophia and Raina before three hours ago.

I just finished practicing Body Cleansing Technique half an hour ago. Currently, I am practicing with my sword at is plodding speed. In this past twelve days except for training rookies, twins, and practicing, I am also doing one other thing, and that is simplifying my sword moves.

Ever since I saw that memory from the potion particle, I had this in my mind, and I am regularly doing this for the past twelve days. I had been somewhat successful in simplifying some moves.

The progress is small, but as long as I kept doing, I will be able to simplify all my moves, and my power will rise; I could still feel the small change these simplified moves to my strength.

I was hoping that to get another look at that legendary fight. For that, I am practicing the secrete method giving my all; as long as I reached the 2nd accomplishment, I will have a chance to go inside my mind palace again, and there I could watch the fight back with much better attention than I saw before.

The reason I am concentrating on the secrete method because I could not be able to find those potion particles again, either those position particles have disappeared, or they will only appear when I reached 3rd major cleansing, which I thought would take more time than reaching the 3rd major cleansing.

I practiced till eleven before I took a showe

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