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Only five minutes had remained, and people have become wild animals; one could see then using every bit of their strength plus some to fight against the enemy.

Most of the people fighting are seriously injured, but they didn't seem to care about any of that as they are fighting ferociously while comparing to others, my body's condition is quite fine, but I am not.

Currently, I am using all my strength running away, in fifty minuits I slaughtered shit loud of Grimm monsters, I killed so many that I couldnt count, and that irked some Grimm monsters, or I might say tens of Grimm Monsters.

There are a total of 31 Grimm monsters following me for the past five minuits, and all of them are Nine Star Elite. It would have been a different thing if there are ten to twenty Grimm monster following, but this one is reaching the limit.

Though their speed is no match for, they are powerful and have enough numbers, and with the correct strategy, they could easily catch me. If this chase were not on the battlefield, they would easily be caught, but catching me amongst the millions is very hard.

Still, I am cautious as half of them who are following me are Late and Peak against which I am no match.

Seeing such a number following me, I had stopped killing. I dont want to take any risk as few seconds of delay could make me lose my life, so I only kill those who obstruct my view, as for others I leave them be.

I have to run for four more minuits as long as the four minutes over. I will be safe from these thirty-three monsters. Yes, In a minuit, two more Nine Star Elite had joined the chase, which again increased the pressure on me.

Seconds passed, and they turned into minuits, and finally, three more minuits passed, and now less than one minuits had remained, to be exact about 33 seconds. The last minuit had made people crazy not only humans have become crazy; some Grimm Monsters also have gone crazy.

There are thirty-seven Grimm monster is following me now and of their thirty-seven I can nine of the are over drafting the Occult Energy to follow me, though some of them came close to be, they never able to catch up to me.

A few more seconds passed, and now there are only five seconds that had remained for the battle to be over.


I was running when I saw four Grimm Monsters coming at me, I about took a turn seeing them as I usually do, but suddenly my eyes constricted when I remembered their battle power and extremly daring plan came into my mind.

All the four Grimm Monsters are Early Nine Star Elites, and there is a perfect chance I might able to Kill them if I overdraft the occult energy, over drafting is always a bad option as it harms one's Soul and Body, but I am going to do that for a few seconds. So, the harm that I would receive would be minimal.

But that is not the main problem, but the main problem is I have to kill four Grimm monster five no four seconds, this is a very daunting task, but if I wer

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