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It took about one and half hour for the noncombat personals to collect over the ten thousand bodies of Grimm Monsters. It was faster than I had expected; I had thought it would take them two hours, but they had finished half an hour early.

I am now sitting by the gate, waiting for the order of the Guild Leader. Despite the battle is over, we can't go home yet as we have to keep watch and be ready in case the Grimm monster came back.

So unless we got sure confirmation that the Grimm monster will not turn back and came attacking again, we would not be entering back to the city.

As I was sitting, I saw many people coming near me and pointing and whispering, some daring ones even began to talk to me and took photos with me. I had got a little intimidated by the attention, but as time passed, I got used to it.

I may be fine, but the Sophia and Rain nearly mobbed, there are two beautiful girls, who are deadly as well beautiful. Anyone would get mesmerized by them, and probably due to that, they had a mob of fans behind them.

In the end, they had to run away and had to wear cloaks and masks and hide in a very discreet place.

The lists had earned them celebrity status in the outpost, and they already got very devoted fans who will not go away no matter what they do.

I had quite a laugh seeing the girl's condition and sent then quiet text making fun of their condition. Compare to them, I am in much better condition, people would look at me, and some daring ones would approach, and they will leave soon after they took photos and made some small talk.

"Instructor, you are Amazing!" Said Jen, as she comes to me with four others, I could see the excitement in the eyes of five of them; Tina even has a look of near fanatism in her, which scared me little.

"I am nothing compare to them," I said as I looked at people above toward the Silver Elites and Golden Elites.

"In front of Silver and Golden Elites, this little ability of mine is nothing," I said, this battle had opened my eyes wide. It gave me a new goal, and that is taking my power to the Golden Elite, if possible, then reach the peak of it.

Though it will be very hard, I am willing to give my all for that as long as I kept giving my all, and with the help of some luck, I might able to became Golden Elite.

It would be excellent if I can realize that Goal before reaching the time of competition, then it would be excellent, but I know because the Golden elite in one year is a fool's dream, but I will still try.


Time passed, and four hour passed since the battle is over when finally, the familiar voice rang across the battlefield. Hearing that thousands of people r

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