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Some time ago, I lost my sight, or I might say my thoughts have become sluggish enough that my brain can't process what it is seeing, so everything around me dark.

I had thought the darkness would be black, but there is no color. It is like asking a blind people what they can see, but how would they answer they never see any color in their life.

That how my condition had become, there is darkness around me, but this darkness is not a dark color, it is just filled with silence and emptiness.

The tug of war between two wills is continuing with no winner around, every few minutes or seconds, I dont know they will increse their will power and tried to push another away, but the other would also increse its power, and they would be locked in the stalemate.

After long observation of their wills, my slow brain concluded that they are this two people are increasing their will power by some fixed unit, as for what unit it is I dont know or I didnt there was any unit for the willpower if not for seeing their wills power would increase at a fixed rate.

To put it, in other words, they are clashing on the firmness of will, to see who's will is firm. If they used their full will projection, then all the people here would have had their brains fried. In my observation, I found that one party has a slightly weaker than the other, but that party didnt want to accept that, and probably that is why that one kept increasing its will power while another party reciprocates.

It is very clear by their action they dont want to harm the millions that are fighting, if they were not holding back, then we would have surely would be standing right now. Buzz! The willpowers increased again, and I again felt onslaught on the will, and I again started to give my all.

I had already decided to resist till I have my last thought, I do not want the shame of being unconcious my pressure of others will. Even if that powerhouse is lord of this world, I will never bend my will in front of it. I would rather let my will power break and turn into vegetables rather than bend down in front of someone else will.

Buzz! The will power increased again, and this time, I reached my limit and felt the last of my thoughts turning blur, and despite that, I kept resisting, but it seems like this I had reached my limit as I found my consciousness slipping away without stopping.

'Is this my limit?' I thought sluggishly, though I know I had reached my limit, I had to continue resisting, I won't fall under anyone will without any struggle.

I kept struggling as my conscious slipped, and finally came a moment when I could process only one though and that too going away.


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