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I whispered as I looked at the dark sky, which is bathing in the soft moonlight as before. It has been a few hours since the Battle started and about two hours since I got infected.

The Battle is still raging furiously; I could hear shaking of the earth continually, the killing intent in the air is so thought that I could smell it when I take a breath.

This Killing intent urging me, wanting me to bolt out into the Battlefield to kill everyone I come across, I controlled myself and started to check the condition of my Body.

When I heard the cracking sound right after I cleansed the infection, I know I am I had reached the 2nd Accomplishment.

That time I had instantly thickened the suppressive energy even more and started circulating it, despite it affecting my soul adversely and also speed up the process of circulation of Supreme Combat Exercise.

That had profited me a lot; after reached the 2nd Accomplishment, the Soul damage automatically healed, and I was able to circulate shit loud of suppressive energy into my soul and got significant benefits from the Supre Combat Exercise.

I had 38 seals of Supreme Combat Exercise before I blink out to the conscious space, and now, when I had checked the condition of my body, I found there are four Big seals and one small seal in my Temple space.

That means I had created four minor and one Amethyst seal, which is enormous progress. Every amethyst seal is precious; the advancement of soul and Body it gives is invaluable.


I easily freed by one leg from the monster's body and use that leg to kick the monster that was top of my legs away. This monster had been giving me lots of creeps, but I was powerless to do anything, but now I become fine; I made sure to give it a good kick.


After kicking the monster, I get up, and next moment I caught a whiff of that fantastic smelling deadly green smoke; my expression changed a little before turning normal. After getting conscious, I did not stop circulating the Secrete Method, just toned down its power as it was very unbearable for me.

I had thought something like this might happen, and because of that, I was very ready for it and still is.

I take a look at the crater, which is at least ten meters in diameter; the impact was really powerful to create such big and deep crater. I was about to leave the crater when I saw two bodies of Grimm Monsters.

These monsters are dead; they are dead withing five minuits of being infected; not everybody could have the treasure like Soul Tempering Diamond, which is the best treasure for cleansing the soul.

I walked toward the monster and placed them into my storage.

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