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Everywhere I look, I found utter chaos. It had been a few minuits since the battle started, and what I see is a pile of bodies already piling on the ground. Everywhere I see, I see bodies.

The only relieving thing about the bodies is that most of then belong to the Grimm monsters, there are only a few in between bodies of humans that could be seen. The bodies of humans may be in between the Grimm monsters, but when one could them, the sheer number of them would make one's heart bleed.

Since the battle started, I have been quite low profile, not wanting to attract too much attention as I am already very attention-grabbing with my body covered in weird in Silver Armor.

The reason I did continued the wanton killing of my Grimm monster because I dont want to make myself a target of lots of Grimm Monster with the start of the battle, I wanted to wait a bit before everybody got busy with their fight before I start my wanton killing.

That Time even if some Nine Star Elite caught my wanton killing few Grimm monsters in the battle of millions, I would still be able to handle them well. As long as there are no more than ten swift Nine Star Elite chased me, I would be fine.

Slice Puchi Puchi…

I waited for fifteen more minuits before I started my killing again and this time, my killing speed was faster than before as the Grimm monster is everywhere, there is eight million Grimm monster on the battlefield, I have to wave my hand, and Grimm monster would get cut by my sword.

Unlike before, I now have to be very careful; there are powerhouses everywhere. If not for me having a Killing rule which helps me sensing battle power of others, I wouldn't have bee able to kill as many as Grimm monsters I been killing now as that time I would have to look at the Grimm monster's forehead before I can even think of attacking.

Time passed by, and I kept killing in the choice of millions, sometimes some monster would follow me, some left halfway. At the same time, some adamantly chased me for a long time, but after seeing my speed and how my speed of killing isn't affected a bit, they would give up.

But not long after that, some other Grimm monsters would notice my killing and would follow me till they give up in exhaustion.

There are many Grimm monsters followed me, but there are only three which come very close to catching me, and one had nearly killed. All these three were very powerful.

The three of them were experts in speed and also possessed the power of Peak Nine Star Elite, I had to spend a lot of time to have them stop chasing me.

In such a way a total of eight hours had passed and now sun appearing through the clouds, yesterday in

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