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Both of us stopped and wiped the Blood off our lips at the same time; we did not move and just stared at each other.

I could see the clear look of disbelief in its eyes, and I would be too if I had been in its place. There is a difference between sky and earth between our bodies, and due to that we can accompany different amount of occult energy, but despite the difference in occult energy, the power we have produced were nearly the same.

If I had used the occult energy as people usually do, I would have been blown away by its attack, but instead of using the occult energy directly, I merge it with the Swirling Armor.

It not only increse the power of my swirling Armor tremendously, but It also bears lessen the burden that occult energy put on body and soul; in this way, I could use the occult energy for more extended periods.

It may seem fantastic method, but there is a huge drawback, and that is it requires an immense amount of soul energy and reasonable control over all the powers, as swirling Armor uses lots of energies if all them clashed together then that cocktail will blow me apart in tiny pieces of Flesh and Blood.

Bang! Bang!

We kept looking at each other intently for a second, before coming at each other with our fastest speed. Not holding anything back, I activated mini blast under my legs to increse my speed and attack leverage even more.


We clashed again; this time, the clash is more powerful than the last time but unlike last time, we did not take a single step back or puke blood before the clash we have sucked even more—occult energy which increased not only our strength but also our defense.

Clang Clang Clang…

Our weapons clashed at the blurring speed, and sound would have been defeaning if not for the even louder noises coming from above.

We attacked each other, and with every attack, we would take even more occult energy inside our body to make the offense even stronger. I am not only sucking even more occult energy, but I am also spinning the swirls on Swirling Armor for more power.

Though it had reached the limit of Compactness, I wished to use the heat of this battle to break the past limit; things became a little easier to do when your life is on the line.


We were intensely fighting when we heard the loud thud, hearing that I know someone had fallen to the ground, whether it is Grimm monster or humans I dont know, I dont know about its condition also but if I had not been busy in the life and death battle, I would have surely had little near it, and the reason is to sense its battle power.

I had tried to sense their battle power, but I reived no response; I have tried it on the wise Guilmaster also but there also I had received no response. The reason is that their power is so strong that whenever tried it, I could sense nothing except for the unfathomable deepness.

But there is always an exception when one is at its limit there its internal defen

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