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"You won't be even able to survive if we fight now!" I said as I take out the ax from my shoulder and crushed several specks of Ominous Monster core. I could feel my injuries healing at visible.

So even if it attacked me now, I am sure I could defend myself with another sword. When my wounds healed completly in a few seconds, I could kill this Grimm monster at is a Mid Nine Star Elite.

It gave me a stare before it started to walk toward the place where Grimm monsters gathering.

Seeing it is leaving, I let go of the Occult Energy that I was over drafting, as I did that, I felt heavy weakness coming over me. This weakness had not only came from the over-drafting of the Occult Energy but also the day from the full day of fighting.

All I wanted to is sleep here are now, with the heavy tiredness I am feeling, I wouldn't mind the dead bodies litter around me.

I want to eat the Vigor berry to erase all the tiredness I am feeling, but I did not, even if I have lots of Vigor berries, I will not use them just so erase the Tiredness I am feeling.

Vigor berries are precious and should only be used when it is needed, so I suppressed the tiredness and looked at my wound, which has nearly healed.

Feeling worried about my friends and rookies, I checked their condition and heaved a sigh of relief, seeing all of them are fine. Though some of them are quite battered, they are fine. I did not see any missing limb or other severe problems for them.

I closed the feeds on my holowatch and started collecting the bodies of four Nine Star Elites that I had killed before I walked toward the million crowds of humans that are gathering on the opposite side of the Grimm Monsters.

While going toward the Gathering, I saw hundreds of thousands of medical drones flying out from the city and started to inject the potion into injured. Drones are far more efficient than humans.

Their sensors let them know who is alive and who is dead, with that information drones have to inject the medicine into them to save them, if we do this work, it will take hours even with us knowing who is alive, who is dead while medical robots will not take more than fifteen minuits to do that.

"The battle was something, right?" I heard a familiar voice behind me, " Yes, It was something." I replied to Sophia with the sigh.

"You must have killed quite a lot of Grimm monsters when I saw you; you were killing every Grimm monster that came in your way." Sophia teased.

To that, I just smiled; they had killed a lot of Grimm monsters when I saw them last time; they were killing a group of Grimm monster that had surrounded them.

We soon reached the place where the millions of human

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