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\"35 Origin water crystals is one more than double of all us combined,\" Alex said as she placed the last storage in a pile beside me.

All of us are quite stunned seeing the number of Origin Crystals come out of the storages from me, they are thirty-five and most of it contributed by the two monsters.

The Terra Lionmen and Copper Armored Rhinomen, the storage of these monsters alone, gave me nine Origin crystals.

\"You guys are monsters, I was barely able to gather 16 Origin Crystals while you guys have gathered four times of that,\" Evie said in a voice of amazement. Ever since her embarrassing fiasco earlier, she did not speak anything, she just stayed sitting on the lap of Kayla, watching us inspect one storage one after another.

I was already removing the Origin water from the crystal when they all were inspecting the storages, so I just spent a few more minutes more to gather all the origin water in a special bottle.

It was a special bottle which we had brought from the guild at quite an expensive price, it could not only help store the Origin Water but also help in counting the drops of Origin water and help in the divide of the Origin water.

\"I would start dividing then?\" I asked as I took out a few specialized bottles from the storages. \"Yes!\" all of them said in unison.

Nodding, I connected bottles to each and started distributing our share. Before entering the forest, we have already distributed our loot, but after my power increased crazily, we discussed it again, and we held another discussion last night on which I will be distributing the origin water.

I will take 30% off Origin Water, while Kayla will take 25% while Alex, Ronny, and Stephen will take 15% each. This is a balanced distribution that nobody had a problem.

\"There is your Origin Water, and these are the methods to use it properly to increase your talent and smelt your totem artifact with the Origin Water, these methods are better than what guild has provided,\" I said as I forward bottle toward each of them and base of the bottle is pages where the two methods have written.

These methods I have got from the Totem Artifact knowledge and Natural treasure knowledge, though these methods are not the absolute best I have, these methods are still better than what guild has provided us.

They took the bottles and page below it and started to read it, soon their expression changed heavily. \"Thank you, Micheal,\" Kayla said after some time, I just smile and get up with rest.

\"Let's meet at the Gates at 8: 30,\" said Kayla, we nodded before we took the air. The inspection and distribution had taken nearly two and a half-hour. It is now early afternoon, which means I will only be able to get ab

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