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While my team and I were moving toward the one team Grimm Monsters, Ashlyn had flown toward another team without me saying anything to her, and she had already reached above the team of Grimm monsters, who were moving at a swift speed.

That team had already left my range, which is why I had to use my connection with Ashlyn to look at them.

As I looked through Ashlyn's vision, I saw a team of five monsters moving at swift speed with their leader at the front who was looking at the Grey crystal with the Gleaming eyes.

Ashlyn looked at Grimm monsters for a second before she started to change her size, but this time, instead of growing bigger, she turned smaller till her Original palm-size body turned to finger size.

After that, the metallic layer covered half her body before it was reinforced by the Killing Rule and Sunfire Rule.

As she made her preparation, a tiny fire blasted behind her, and she dived at the lead monster with a speed that is barely visible to the eyes.

The Grimm monsters did not sense her before, and when it had sensed her, it had been too late as she was already five meters above it and moving towards its head.


Seeing a small fireball coving toward it, the Grimm monster used all its power to dodge and barely succeeded in saving its life, though it was able to save its life, it had received quite gruesome injuries.

Quarter to its neck had been taken off by Ashlyn, and the crystal that it had been admiring so much flew out its hand and fell off the ground, but no one had time to think about it as Ashlyn had increased her size to the limit and started to throw giant fireballs at the Grimm monsters like she firing the gun

Of the five Grimm monsters, only one Grimm monster can avoid her fireballs as the other four Grimm monsters continuously get hit by the fireballs despite being Silver Elite, those four monsters will not be able to survive for long, they will be killed within minutes.

But my focus is not on four Grimm monsters but their leader who is barely able to fight against Ashlyn, it is showing greater battle power than it had shown in the battle earlier.

I would have liked to watch her fight more, but we have reached close to the Grimm monsters that we chose to fight. So I broke my connection with Ashlynn's eyes and started to focus toward the monsters we are following.

\"There are five Grimm monsters in that team, with all of them being a Silver Elite, and their leader is especially strong,\" I said.

Their mood turned even more serious than they already were as they clearly understood the difficulty of the battle, and in this battle, they may lose their life if they decided to fight it.

\"You guys stay here

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