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Slick! Thud

I removed my sword off the monster and kicked it little so that it would be flipped. Seeing the Grimm monster on its back, I started to charge my sword to elementalise the monster.


I pierce the sword to Grimm monster, and a minute later, It had completely elementalised. So, I placed the runic disk on it and walked toward the second Grimm monster that is alive.

I repeated the same process with it and then started to place Runic discs on the other monsters that divided into two. Since I had cut off their necks it will be impossible for me to harvest the Elemental Crystal off them, I would just have to harvest the normal crystals off them.

Ting Ting….

A few minutes later, I had collected all the mana crystals off the monster and looted their stuff before I walk toward my teammates wh are still fighting, looking at the condition of the fight, It would half an hour more for the fights to finished.

It may seem long, but I had finished killing seven Grimm monsters less than ten minutes and five minutes to me to harvest the crystals off them, so I had only needed less than fifteen minutes to deal with a team of the Grimm monsters that had seven Grimm monster including two silver elite.

While my whole team hadn't finished fighting the team with similar for the past one hour, when I entered the forest about thirty hours ago, I had similar strength as they had used to dream of becoming Silver Elite like Kayla, but now thirty hours later, I have surpassed them all, including Kayla.

Now if they attacked me together, I would be able to beat them, its just that I would need to summon my swirling Armor for some extra power.

Soon I reached the place I previously have been and continue to watch the fights. Time passed by, and about ten minutes later, the first Grimm monster died, and surprisingly, it is Silver Elite, and five minutes after killing the first Grimm monster, she finished the second Grimm monster.

It is a pleasant surprise seeing her finishing first because usually, it is Kyla who finished last, but now she is first. It is not a coincidence, but the real power, like me Kyla, also improving at the visible rate in a cutthroat environment.

\"You are improving at a very fast rate.\" I praised as I reveal myself, \"Not as fast as you.\" Replied Kyla as she started harvesting the Mana crystal off the Grimm monsters.

\"Your speed of improving is monstrous, in just thirty hours in the forest your strength has become equal to mine if I did not improve fast enough, I would be left behind by you.\" Added Kayla without looking at me.

I am little surprised by her estimation, I had known that Kyla is observing me like I am observing her and my other teammates, but I did not expect her observation near accurate or had been near accurate as if she knew about the boost in strength I got due to to the epiphany she would be shocked out of her wits.

Soon she finished harvesting the mana crys

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