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I walked backed into Abode, only to see no one had woken up yet. Seeing there is still time for three hours to be over, I sat in the kitchen chair, going over the fights I had fought in this past hour.

Currently, my battle power is still at the Initial One Star Elite (very close to the Mid Level), but with an extra aid of the Killing Rule, I can defeat the Mid Level one and fight High-Level ones on a standstill.

As for Peak one, I will be badly beaten, and running away would be my only choice unless I use my Swirling Armor.

Swirling Armor gives me a huge boost; with me summoning it out, I will be able to defeat the Peak One Star Silver Elite Barely, which means with my current power. I do not need to fear One Star Elite.

If it were any other time, I would have been very happy with my progress, but currently, I am very worried. That team of Three One Star Silver Elite team of Scarlet Apeman had scared the hell out of me.

Their power was nothing much but what they represented is fearful, with their very appearance we will come across many teams wholly made of One Star Elite and could also come across the one that led by Two Star Silver, if that happens then it will be very dangerous.


I was just busy with my thoughts when I sensed some power fluctuation, I looked at the direction of that fluctuation and a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. I focused on it for a while before; I went back again to analyze my battles.

This time I did not waste any time worrying about coming across powerful enemies if we come across it, then we will deal with it on time.

Time passed by while I continued analyzing my battle, the battle with Scarlet Apes, especially as they are the only ones who were able to make my blood boil while fighting.

That was the first time I had fought across the Three Silver Elites; all three monsters were quite strong, if I did not have the strong point of speed against the strength type monsters, it would have taken me a lot more time to finish them off.


A click heard behind me, and when I looked back, I found Kyla coming toward me wearing full battle gear and a bright smile that is hanging on her face which is very infectious.

\"Congratulations on leveling up to Brigadier Stage,\" I said to Kayla as she sat opposite to me. The fluctuations I had sensed earlier were originated from her; she was making a breakthrough at that time.

The Brigadier Stage is the 1st stage among the last three last sub-stages of the Knight Stage. In the last stages, one received quite a good boost compared to stages below them, and at the Brigadier stage, she could do one thing that I and the other three could not.

She had the abi

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