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\"Let's take out all the Origin Crystals we have got,\" I said as I took out the five Origin crystals I have, Kayla also did the same take out of the four Grey Origin crystals placed together with mine on the glass table.

Everybody's eyes started shining, seeing the Nine Origin Crystals and glittering Origin water inside.

\"Let's hope, in all their storages, we will get some Origin Crystals,\" Kayla said she started to take out the storages of the Grimm monsters, seeing her I and others also started to take out the storages of the Grimm monster we have killed.

We took out all the storages of Grimm monsters; they are not only from the leader of the team but also the minions also.

When we finished taking out all, there were big piles of storage in front of us, and then without speaking, we started to search for the Origin water, or I might say they as I could not operate the Grimm Artifact even so slightly.

We have already decided on the system of inspection on loot; all the teammates will inspect each store; it prevents one hoarding the Origin water as every origin crystal belongs to the team.

After inspection, the storage will return to the Owner, and other than Origin Crystal, everything else will belong to the owner no matter how precious things inside it is.

We started with the front of the storage of Alex, first, she checked it before handling Ronny then Stephen and then Kayla before it came back to Alex. In the first storage, we did not get anything, and that is not surprising, we would be lucky if we found some Origin Water from the storages that Alex has.

Time passed by, and we kept inspecting storage after storage, while they were inspecting the storages, I started taking out the drops of Origin Water from the crystal.

It is a very delicate process as the Origin Water is vaporous, a slight contact with the air, and it will vaporize completely, especially Grey Grade Origin Water, the higher the grade of Origin water is, the greater stability it has.

While I take out the drops from the Origin Crystals, they inspect one storage after another but find nothing.

\"Found one!\"

Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud shout from Alex when I looked up; I found there was a grey crystal in her hand.

\"It's an Origin Crystal,\" Kayla as she looked at Origin crystals in Alex's hand, after finding the first origin crystal, it was like a goddess of luck started to shine on her as within a few minutes she found three origin crystals.

By the time all the storages in front of the Alex got inspected, we have found four Origin Crystal from the storages, that is more that we had expected, we have thought it would be our luck if we managed to find one but we not found

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