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\"We finally reached the city!\" Evie said as we finally passed by over the city gates. After passing through the city gates, we directly went toward the Villa of Evie, as we have done in the past two times.

In the villa, we took out our storages and started to search for the Origin water that we usually do, and more and more crystals began to pile up in front of us, but all of them were the Grey Grade, there is not a single one who had Black Grade.

\"BLACK GRADE!\" Suddenly Alex shouted when there were only three storages left in front of her, we have inspected nearly all our storages, and only the last three storages remained from my collection.

I have nearly lost hope of finding one, but unexpectedly, the luck shined on us as we have finally come across one, and it is big; it had around fifteen to eighteen drops of the Origin Water.

\"It is Black Grade Origin Water,\" Evie said Softly as her eyes started to shine as she looked at the Crystals.

After finding the Black Grade Origin Crystals, Alex excitedly started to inspect all the storages in front of her, but unfortunately, she did not find another Black Grade Crystal, just another Grey Grade Crystal.

Though I am sad in not finding another Black Grade Origin Crystal, I am still happy in one Black Grade Origin Crystal, the drops inside it are enough to make me a Three Star Elite at the least.

\"I have never thought we would be lucky enough to find Black Grade Origin Crystal this early.\" I heard Evie's said emotionally as I was dividing everyone's portion of the Black Grade Origin Water.

Soon I finished with Black Grade Origin Water and Started with the Grey Grade after I am done with it, I gave everyone their share on what we have agreed on.

\"Micheal, my offer still stands, you are welcome to join the team back any time,\" Kayla said when I was leaving.

\"Ok,\" I said before taking my leave since there are no compulsory missions anymore; the team had naturally broken. I am the only one leaving the team as they have decided to stay together.

I plan to adventure with Rachel, if I like the pressure of the Grimm monster too much and it's not what we can handle, then I will come back to the team with Rachel, but I don't think that will happen, with the two us combine, I don't think we will need anyone else.

\"Chew, Chew…\"

Ashlyn, who had been silent all the while, started to chirp at me, asking me to give her Black Grade Origin Water.

\"No!\" I said directly, I needed that black grade Origin water, I am going to make its solution before using it on myself and her, the solution is the best way to use the Origin water, it is even better than directly consuming it.

Chew Chew Chew…

She chirped at me a

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