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\"Those old people had quite an ambition,\" Stephen said after we left the area where the Old men were, \"It is not ambition but human nature,\" Kayla said in a serious voice.

Everybody wishes to live more, and I am not an exception, I wasn't to reach the higher level thus living a long life, as Kayla said, it is human nature to want to live more.

\"Wait, do you guys smell it!\" I said with an ecstatic smile as I sniffed with my nose, it had been an hour since the maturing period had started, and we have not been able to find the single crystal.

Compared to our group, Ashlyn had already found one Crystal, though that crystal was tiny and barely contained the four drops of Origin water inside.

\"No, we are not smelling any smell!\" Alex said as she sniffed and shook her head, others did the same after sniffing the air several times.

\"I am sure, this is the smell of Origin Water,\" I said as I continued sniffing and moved toward the place where I smell the fragrance of Origin water densest. I soon found the spot and started digging.

My teammates also started to help me excitedly as this is a thing we are here for, and the more we have, the better, especially for me, who needs thousands of drops of Origin water for my crafting of Totem Artifact.

\"My God, this is quite big!\" said Ronny in amazement as he saw Kyala taking out the Grey crystal off the ground. \"It is given bigger than the one we have got from the monsters earlier!\" Alex said.

Everyone nodded, this Grey crystal quite big, almost fist size, it should have at least forty forty-five mana crystals. That is very good; I hope we would find several of them throughout the night.

\"It is good you guys have found the Origin Water, now hand it over and scram!\" said the Rough voice, everybody is surprised seeing them except for me, I have already guessed seeing them coming toward us.

They have one person in their team who has good sensory abilities, but that person is not as good as me.

\"Scram before we break your bones and leave you dead.\" Alex, while moving her, which held the big Origin crystal, the people did not seem to hear her warning as their eyes glued on the Origin crystal in her.

'No matter where we go or what condition we are in, we will always encounter some rotten fruit.' I thought with a sigh; the people who had come to us with the intention of looting were humans, not Grimm monsters.

I did not expect we would come across such rotten fruits in the place where we are fighting Racial war against the Grimm monster, and these rotten scum still had the intention to loot their kin.

\"Bitch quickly hand over that Origin Crystal; otherwise, you will pay the heavy price!\" said the leader;

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