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\"Micheal, what happened?\" Kyla asked after seeing me suddenly stopping with a weird expression on my face.

I did not answer her for a few seconds as I could not believe what those idiots Grimm monsters were doing, but when I thought about their reason for fighting and compared them to humans, I found that we might even come something like that if we are not careful.

\"Grimm monsters are fighting amongst themselves,\" I said softly, hearing that expression on everyone's face couldn't help but turn incredulous. \"Are those Grimm Monsters brain dead? infighting in such a dangerous environment.\"

\"Well, it's good they are infighting, they all should kill each and we will kill the rest who have remained alive,\" Alex said while Stephen and Ronny couldn't help but nod hearing that.

\"Why are they fighting?\" Kayla, while three of my teammates were revealing in the Infighting among the Grimm monsters, Kayla asked the main question.

\"Transformative Origin Water!\" I replied.


They couldn't help but sucked the breath, and bright smiles had appeared on their faces, but in the few seconds after that, bright smiles on their faces faded, and severe mood came all over them. They have understood the implication.

The value of the Origin Water is immense, and it is not only the Grimm monster that would lose their morality in its temptation; the humans too would lose their morality and turn on other teams in front of such temptation.

That is why the document provided by the Guild had explicitly stated in bold letters that we should agree about the spoils. It was a good thing we had made the agreement before venturing into the forest and updated that agreement last night due to the increase of my power.

\"How many Grimm monsters are there?\" Kayla asked after some time, \"There were fifty-seven monsters before, but now there only thirty-three and all of them are One Star Silver Elites.\" I said.


This had shocked the hell out of them that they sucked a breath, so hard that they had suffocated for a second, even Kyala, who did not get much surprised, had the big change in their expressions.

They had only heard about the team of Silver Elite, but now they have come across it, and their numbers are immense.

To be honest, I too am quite shocked seeing such numbers; if I am not wrong, then these monsters had formed a Roadrollar formation, but when they came across Origin water, and that road roller immediately broke into several pieces.

(Road Roller Formation- When teams of people gather and create a Huge team, it is created to crush every enemy that they come across through the sheer force.)

\"There Thirty Grimm monsters are divided into five teams which are fighting amongst themselves,\" I stated on my own when I saw Kyla about to ask a question.

Of the five teams, three teams had the members of the same tribe, while the other two teams were made of the different tribes. Grimm monsters

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