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'Domain Of The Withering Sand!'

This quite a domineering title, I never have read such a domineering title in my life, this title is vastly different from 'Scourge Of The Golden Sand' that Grimm monster uttered.

There are only two meanings that could be said behind it, one is that Mystic Method that monster had used and this book had no relation between then or that Grimm monster had changed the name of the Mystic Method.

I could only tell when I read the book, so I wasted no time and started to read the book, and from the first page, my expression started to change.

Just reading the first page, I was sure that this is the same Mystic Method that Grimm monsters had used, That idiot had changed the name of the Method for some idiotic reasons.

The first few pages of this book, there is the only introduction of the Mystical Method, and as I continue reading it, I get more and more shocked as this method is too powerful, more powerful than I had expected.

This method is divided into Nine Level and that Idiot of the Grimm Monsters had barely started practicing its first level, and it is not practicing as it should have.

It is a miraculous method that affects both body and soul but idiot of the monster had practiced the body part, not soul part; otherwise, It would have been impossible for me to survive.

I could survive if attacked either my body or soul, but if they had come together, I would surely die, and together with their power increased by three times.

As I have said, this method is divided into the Nine Level, each level is three times more powerful than the previous, and one when reached level 7 of this Method, one could employ it as the domain, and that is where it does its true power lie.

Though this method is very powerful, the requirement one needs to practice it is also very high. If I want to practice this method, then I will need the power of Five Star Silver Elite and not to forget the resources I will need to practice.

The resources this method needed for practice are crazy expensive, the resources, in this case, are for Level 1 Physical, and they are nearly depleted. I will need to buy resources not only for the Level 1 physical but also for the Soul.

\"Is this the Mystic Method you were looking for?\" Rachel asked suddenly; I turned to her kiss her kissable lips as she is very close to me before answering the questions.

\"Yes, this is the method I was looking for, and it is better than I had dared to imagine,\" I said as I activated my holowatch and started to surf the things I needed.

The resources of Level 1 are expensive, but they can be brought, I spared no mana crystals and brought the resources needed to practice this Mystic Method for

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