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\"Here.\" Kayla handed me storage of the Grimm monsters and Crystal after she looked enough, happiness could be clearly seen when she handed me back the Crystal.

If our estimation is not wrong, then this Crystal had about 30 droplets of the Origin Water, which nearly double than the biggest Crystal we had got before.

\"Let's go toward the three, they should be able to finish their fight soon,\" Kyla said, and we walked toward our teammates, but halfway to the reaching there, I sensed a team of Grimm monsters coming toward us.

I was about to sense Ashlyn to deal with it but stopped and asked Kayla who readily agreed to fight the upcoming team; the team is strong with two Silver Elites and five those who have the power over the white elite.

Though Kyala went, I still sensed Ashlyn to protect her if something had happened during the Battle. She will be fighting seven opponents, even though she has the power to kill the five monsters with a single attack but she is not dealing with then there are also silver elites and with them involved, anything could happen.

Time passed as I watched three of my teammates fight the Silver Elite and such ten minutes had passed, in the ten minutes they finally were able to kill the Silver Elite after wounding it grievously with their constant attacks.

\"Where is Kayla?\" Alex asked when she saw me come out of the woods, \"She is dealing with monsters, she will come soon.\" I said Kyala had already killed two monsters below Silver Elite and one Silver elite; she will be able to finish the five monsters soon, now that the one silver elite is dead, killing another silver elite, and the remaining problem will not be a problem for her.

\"Does that mean we have finished before the team leader?\" Stephen asked excitedly; other eyes also started to shine hearing that, during our fights, it is usually me who finished first then Kyla before the three of them.

Sometimes there is change in Order, but it is very rare; it only happened three times with hundreds of battles we had fought.

\"She had finished her fight quite early before you guys, she is currently fighting the second team of the Grimm monsters,\" I said, hearing that three of their faces and they looked like they have received the biggest disappointment in the world.

\"You guys did well; if you kept improving at this rate, then it wouldn't take for you guys to become a Silver Elite,\" I said. That seemed to improve their mood quickly, and their eyes again filled with hope.

Time passed, and soon, Kyala returned with a happy smile on her face, she had exterminated the team of eight Grimm monsters on her own and she only fifteen minutes to that is a lot less compared to one and half hour

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