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hank You, Karan Paul, Nicholas Devlin, Derrik Engrame, Mitsogon, Giorgi Metreveli, Ryan Parker for your Patronage on P a t r eon. (You can read 10 chapters at p a t r eon at the half price of Privilege, Link: P a t r e o n.com/monsterintegration)

Everbody stilled hearing that and serious look appeared on their faces, as the time for the real Mission has arrived. We are sent here to kill as many as powerhouses of the Grimm Race.

Like us, they possess a fearsome might and could casually kill thousands of lower-level powerhouses, we have to lessen the number of these powerhouses, so when the Origin Water appear, our side could get the maximum amount of it.

"Can we handle them?" Kyla asked, in the few hours they have come to know that I can estimate the power everyone Ive come across.

"Yes, we can handle them, but everyone will have to use all their power from the start," I said. "The Silver Elite is very strong, a little stronger than you, so you will have to handle it alone while we will handle two Grimm monsters each," I added.

"We are going to fight the Grimm Monsters, does anyone have any objection," Kyla asked everyone shook their head saying no. This is what our Mission is, and so is our duty to our race.

"Let's go then," Kyla said in a serious voice. We walked toward the Grimm monsters, and this time, we did not conceal our tranks while walking, and due to then, the Grimm monsters were already waiting for us when we reach there.

"We were just searching for some delicious humans, and they delivered themselves to us." Said the leader of Grimm Monsters, it licked its nearly nonexistent lips with its forked tongue.

Water Serpentman Tribe, I dont know the exact name to the tribe as there are too many snake tribes that use water elements and blue scale that Grimm monsters in front of me have.

"We are also searching for you, as you know, the practice needs lots of resources and what better ways to gem than harvesting them from guys." Kyla used the same playful tone in her taunt as the Grimm monster did, but her voice felt much better to ears than barely understandable words of the Grimm Monsters.

Hearing Kyla's taunt look of extreme anger appeared on Grimm monster's faces if one asked which word Grimm Monsters hated the most, then that would be 'Harvest'; they simply hate that word and would turn livid whenever they heard it.

"Beat this bastard till they are unconscious, but dont kill them; I want to hear their scream when I marinate with three color poison and eat them alive." said leader pf Grimm monsters as it ordered to attack.

Just as I heard that the fire armor started to appear on my body, my teammates were little startled by that, but they had no time to ask the questions as the Grimm monsters coming at them.

"You seem to like to fire little too much little bastard, let's see if still like it when we cooked you in it." said one of the two Grimm monsters that came at me.

Both of them h

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