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Stay Home. Stay Safe.

I collected all the Runic Discs and Grimm monsters stuff before, I went back toward the group, they have no idea that another group of Grimm monster with the silver elite as a lead killed by the little bird that is following above me.

Soon I reached the place everyone gathered, the girls looked fine with no injuries on them but if one look that eyes, they would find that only physical would are healed, the mental scars are still there.

The one-eyed girl had again become one-eyed girl, her clawed eye had fully grown when I left but now she had covered that with the patch, if it had any other girl I would have thought she had covered her newly grown eye due to visual deficiency.

The newly grown eye would not work as the old eye, for that that it will take at least month, so most of the people covered it at least when they are battle like situation but her covering her eye with the batch had completly different meaning and if I am reading the emotion in her second eye.

"Thank you all once again for coming to our rescue!" thanked Angela again, "Anyone would have done the same," said Kayla. We made some small talk with Angela's team we continued our journey toward the Crimson lake while angela's team stayed on their spot.

That was the area they have been assigned and they would not able to leave it until the morning of the day after tomorrow. They say this mission is of the 48 hours but it is actually around 60 hours, we will stay in this forest for 48 hours more as it is the early morning of the next day.

We had spent the whole night traveling but still had not reached our destination, there is one hour before we reached the Crimson lake.

"I hope we did not suffer what those girls have suffered," Alex said softly, hearing that other's expressions which were returned to normal turn complicated again and could see long shudders running through their body as they are remembering what had happened.

"Their luck was pretty bad to come across the three Sliver Elite," Stephen said, " You don't have to worry much though now our team had two Silver Elites, even if we came across the team with three silver elites, Micheal and Kayla would able to handle it." Added Stephen, clearly very happy at though to see two Silver Elites in the team.

I shook m softly hearing that, "Do you disagree Micheal?" Ronny seeing me shaking my head.

"The One Star Silver Elites we have encountered all were Beginner One Star Elites who had just became Silver Elites recently, as for the stronger ones left for the Warzone."

"If we come across a specially powerful One Star Silver Elite, then I and Kyla have to fight with it together just to match it, killing it would be a dream and if we come across the Two Star Elite, then we would be like the vegetable on the chopping board," I said.

Hearing three of thems expression turned serious, all the safety and security they were feeling vanished instantly.

"But what

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