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I am shocked seeing my sword pierced in the chest of the Grimm monster and it becoming completly static, I can feel it is alive by the Killing intent it is having toward me.

And the weirdest thing is, is completly static. Usually, I had to transmit a huge amount of killing energy in the body of the Grimm monster to make it immobile, and that time it does not become this static, especially when it is attacked, it's momentum still bring it forward but what I am seeing is Grimm monster that had gone into the statue-like state.

I would have investigated it further, but I saw the attack of two Grimm monsters coming toward me.

Seeing the attack coming, I removed the sword from the Grimm monster's chest like never before speed and crouched down, avoiding the sword that is going for my next, other's may see it lucky dodge, but it is not, I had perfectly calculated this dodge.

This dodge not only dodges the attack of the first Grimm monster but also disturbs the attack of the second Grimm monster and my sword it is going toward the second Grimm monster and it can't dodge it or defend as it is too close to me and sword is little far to call back.


My sword pierced though the Grimm monster, and it also became static as the first Grimm monster.

"You Bas" Puchi

The last Grimm monster widened its eyes seeing another of its friend got killed by me and swung its sword at me while cursing at me, it's curse hadn't finished when I took the sword out of the Grimm monster chest and pierced though the last Grimm monster who automatically quieted down.

I am shocked at myself killing this Grimm monsters like killing chickens; they became so easy to kill. Earlier I would have needed at least an hour to kill each of the Grimm monsters, and with these three Grimm monster-fighting me together, I would have been seriously injured in just a few seconds, but now I had killed them, I killed them with the ease that one would kill a chicken.

I did not have to think much what increased my strength, I just close my eyes and looked inside my source, there I saw Ribbon which had grown longer, and there is extra tenaciousness in it which had not seen previously.

My Killing Rule had obviously advanced, It had advanced to the High level of Basic stage and with it, and my power had reached very very close to the Silver elite, other's might even consider me Silver Elite.

If it had been a Sunfire Rule, I had been a little short of fighting Silver elite, but with senses and other abilities bestowed me by the Killing Rule, I am not perfectly capable of fighting against the Silver Elite.

I may not have the power to kill it, but I am damn well could fight the One Star

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