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Slice Clang Slice Clang...

Two huge wounds appeared on my body; the Grimm monsters did not show mercy, after giving me two gruesome wounds, they kept attacking me. More and more gruesome would start to appear on my body.

There is poison inside me, and this poison is quite insidious, when it entered my body it did not react, it just kept spreading all over my body without having it even a bit, only after it spread in every part of my body large quantity only then it reacted, and it reacted with full power.

Not only it brought the torturous pain, but it also started to corrode my body from inside. It is a particularly nasty flavor to it, if possible, I dont want to experience it again.

Though this poison is very nasty, it is very much in my control, if I want, then I could vaporize it within a moment. I had already made such preparations earlier when I had sensed it earlier, but it is not the time.

Slice Clang…

The Grimm monsters kept attacking me without any mercy, and I kept defending with me all. There are keep cuts all over my body; the only place there is no cut is my neck. There are no cuts on my not because they are not able to but because they did not attack it intentionally.

Their boss had ordered them not to kill, so they left the neck area as it is, even if they had attacked my neck, I am confident on dodging it in my current poisoned condition.

"Rogo, it is enough if we kept attacking it, it will die, and the boss would get angry." said one Grimm monsters to another.

Currently, my whole body is bloodied, and except for my neck, every part of my body is injured; everywhere they looked, they would see a horrendous wound. My skin is completly flailed that even I look myself right now, I would get a horror strike, that is how bad I am looking right now, and the funny thing is that is the least of my worries.

The sad thing is the pain and the corrosive poison that is injuring my body at a deep level. Seeing my wretched condition, I wanted to get out of it, and I could, but I controlled myself as the time of that had yes ti arrive.

"Look at the bastards still standing and glaring at us with its ugly eyes, just seeing that look I want to cut off its neck!" said Grimm monsters angrily and hearing that I glared at it even more.

"What are you glaring at you bastard, do you want to die!" said the Grimm monster as it came closer to me and then poked at my check with its sharp finger.

"Are you angry, you can attack with that little sword of your that you have not let go!" said the Grimm monster as it poked into my chest wound even more deeply.


I scremed through the gritted teeth, and it is not the act; its poking is damn painful that

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