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I kept my sword inside the chest of the Grimm monster for some time before taking it out. It is Silver Elite, and one can't be too careless about it, so I spread killing energy in every part of its body but also spread the bead in important locations, including its heart and brain.

So even if it substance the around the restriction placed by the Killing energy, it will not be able to survive the onslaught of Sunfire. The current level of Sunfire is not powerful enough to harm the silver elite it directly, but when it exploded on its fatal spot, it will directly kill it no matter how powerful it is.

"Thank You, if you have not arrived on time, I would have definitely got killed by the Grimm monster," she said, "Its nothing," I replied as I observed the girl for a moment.

She is a tall girl, though she is not as tall as Alex she pretty tall and she should be beautiful; currently, I could not see her properly due to blood being caked all over her body, but she vibrant green hair and over the face is enough to tell that she is a beautiful girl.

"We should go and help Kyla, she is having a hard time fighting the two Grimm monsters at once," I said, she nodded, and we walked toward the Kyala who is fighting against the Grimm monsters.

We did not delay and move at our quickest speed and soon reached the place where Kyal is fighting.

The two Grimm monsters are fighting her with their full strength while all she could do is defend and manage the injuries she is getting now and them, though she is not in bad condition, her condition is not good either.

We looked for a moment before dived toward the battle, seeing our sudden appearance both the Grimm monster and Kayla got shocked especially when she saw me attacking the Grimm monster.


I tried to be fast as I could, but the Grimm monster still defended against my attack perfectly.

"I will keep this one occupied, you guys handle that one," I said as the Girl approached the Grimm monster to fight.

"Ok!" Kyla looked clearly confused, but the girl said ok, seeing that the Kayla nodded and started to fight the other Grimm monster together while I began to fight the one Grimm monsters alone.

"Brat, do you think you can handle me alone with your puny strength!" Roared Grimm monster, "Of course, I can!" I replied with the bright smile, I have sensed it battle power, and it is similar to the Grimm monster I had fought earlier, so unless this monster has some mystic method or something which I can't sense from its battle power, keeping this Grimm monster busy would not be a problem.

Clang Clang Clang…

It started to attack me furiously and counter them with the same abandon, anything that would come into our way would be crushed. The tree are cut apart, the stones sliced apart.

We fight intensely as if our life depended on it as it is, I did not hold back anything and attacked the monster with everything I got and some which I got from spinning the

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