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"Tan tan tan tana nana nan…." (Song: Believer)

As I am walking toward my teammates, I unknowingly started singing the melody. I rarely do that as I rarely have free time.

Soon I reached the fight where my teammates are fighting; I did not reveal myself just watched the fight in shadows, with my power increse these Grimm monster are not much challenge to me, even the two One Star Silver Elites that Kayla is fighting against are not much of the threat, I could kill them within few minutes.

The fights are going well, everybody fighting with their full power and had already started suppressing their opponent. It would have been quite difficult for them to do that when we started yesterday.

Yesterday they were barely able to fight two Grimm monsters at once, three of my teammates got defeated and tortured in their first time, but now they are suppressing the opponent of the same level.

Constant fighting had improved their battle power, and this is just the start, as the chase for the Origin water will continue for at least a month, and if they can survive the month, then their power will rise explosively.

There is no question that they will become a One Star Silver Elite in one month; the question is whether they can most progress beyond that.

I couldnt help but feel scared and excited when I think about the coming month, especially tomorrow when the real mayhem will start. What we are facing today is just the teaser of what we will be facing form tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening when the Origin water mature, the mayhem will spread through the entire Grimm battlefield, all the Grimm monsters will enter in doves, not only Grimm monsters but humans too come in large quantity.

Both sides will not hold back in sending their numbers, they will not only call the reserve forces that are present on the continent, but they would call forces from other continents too.

The Origin water had many uses; it could not only alters one talent but also could greatly help in practice, crafting of the totem artifact, alchemy, among other things. Its uses could be said to be universal.

For such precious material, it is quite natural that both sides will use all their forces without holding back. This will be like war, but a lot more silent and tragedies will be higher than the conventional war, but those who were able to survive the will became powerful.

So it could be said that the appearance of the Origin water had created the natural whetting process; those who can survive this whetting will be the powerhouses.

Half an hour passed and the edge of my teammates over the Grimm monsters had increased, even more, now they have started to injure the Grimm monster, and the Grimm

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