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"Bastard, you will pay a huge price for what you said," said Grimm monsters; compared to kin, it did not attack directly; instead, it slowly came at me with the fiendish smile.

"I did not say anything but the truth, what I said earlier is the reality that every Grimm monster I defeated go through," I said as I am stating the face, a look of extreme anger appear on its face, but it disappeared as it appeared and the same casual fiendish smile came across its face.

I know this casual smile is a facade, I could feel its bubbling killing intent, which had risen further after what Ive said.

"Like you, I had also started the truth; I will first defeat you and then torture you with the most painful method I know, till now nobody lasted more than an hour under that method." It said I could literally see its body shivering when he said that.

Those shivers were the shiver of pleasure and excitement, and seeing them coming out the Grimm monster, all hair on my body could help but stand up, and as I consciously imagine the very different scenes in my mind, which shouldn't imagine.

"Good, very good. I am looking very forward to the fight," said Grimm monster with a fiendish laugh and attacked me. I could feel the Killing intent inside it rising as it comes closer to me, and those bloodred eyes of it became even darker just like the blood.

Its attack is powerful; if I am wrong, then it had used nearly all of its strength in the attack, which is good as I am also good; it will help me quickly familiarise myself with my power.


Its claw came at me, seeing that I activated mini blast behind my sword hand attacked it with the full power.


Loud Clang rang out as our weapons clashed, and immense force come at me through my sword. This force did not feel incorporeal at all; it felt like a dense mass of power and that coming toward to crush me.

There is a huge difference of power between the white elite and the Silver Elite; if this force spread into the body of the white elite them, it will make its internal organs popped up like a balloon.

The force came at me, but before it could enter my body, it was sucked away by my swirling Armor, which started to tear the force into bits and pieces till there is nothing left.

The compactness of my swirling Armor may not have increased, but its power sure had increased immensely after I used nearly all my soul power to power up the swirls.

It looked at me with the wide eyes as just now with the clash its body shook with the force that had entered its body, but there is no such reaction on my side, just this one reaction let it know that I am not an easy opponent as it considered me to be.


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