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"This plan is too risky for you." Alex said just she finished for you, "Fighting four Grimm monsters, even for short few second going be very dangerous for you, why don't we follow our old plan." Said, Stephen.

"The old plan won't work, there are too many uncertainties in it," I said, the plan now opposite of what we did before, this time I would launch a sneak attack and then they would come to help me.

Though this plan is very dangerous, it is only a good plan I can think of, if we go by our old plan then sneak attacking them would be very hand as there are four Grimm monsters.

When fighting against these three, they would be very vigilant, but if I attacked them now, then I would be able to catch one of them off guard as they are busy feasting on the humans.

"Come as quickly as you here the fighting sound," I said, and four of us started to walk toward the Grimm monsters; after walking some distance, I told them to stop while I walked forward.

This is furthest they can come if they came any further then Grimm monsters might sense them, I dont have that fear as the killing energy had covered my body. If I can mute the sound of my walking and breathe, then even if I walked right behind the monster, they will not sense me.

I took a one-step and at a time and walked toward the Grimm Monsters, and a few minutes later, I could see the Grimm monsters.

Just as I saw them, my blood started to boil that I even took a step forward, but I somehow controlled myself and stopped. Earlier everything in my vision was red, I could see it what is happening, but everything was in the red contrast, but now I could see the monsters eating the humans alive with my own eyes.

There are four Grimm monsters around the two bodies of humans, one-fourth of the human bodies had already eaten, I could see opened stomach, open chest, one girl thighs flesh completly eaten, leaving only bone.

The girls could be seen whimpering in pain, but no Grimm monsters took pity on them. Their condition is very bad; if there is no help, then these girls won't be able to able to survive more than half an hour.

"Fiche, try this the stomach meat of this female is very delicious." said one Grimm monster as it delicately carved up a piece of stomach flesh and gave it its friend who sits on the other side girl.

"Yes, it is delicious, give me some more stomach pieces." said other Grimm monsters who just ate. This scene felt oddly familiar; it just like eating amongst the friends where we pass the dishes to one another.

It is familiar but equally disturbing that I just want to go there and torture the Grimm monsters till they regret they are born. The killing intent I am feeling tow

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