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"Now I have to find some Grimm monster to open this storage!" I thought as I looked at the storage band in my hand.


I did not waste any time and activated the storage, I have to find the Grimm monster and have it open this storage. It would be idiotic if I open this storage by a fellow human.

It has the Occult Method method which is everyone is greedy for, in the Grimm race the Occult Methods are not the rare thing as there are plenty of them but for us humans it is an absolute treasure that no one would dare to divulge it to an outsider and even if that outsider is a best friend.


I started to search for the Grimm monster and ten minuits later I have come across the Grimm monster but I did not choose it. From what I know that there Grimm monster storages have the self destruct mode and if Grimm monster will it then they can destroy everything that presents in the storage.

That is why I am finding the Grimm race monster that is very coward in nature and easily manipulatable, so it could not activate the self destruct mode of the storage.

I come across them more and more and more Grimm monsters but no Grimm monster are the one I want.

Chew chew!

Time passed by but I did not find the monster, soon the evening approached and I was about to give up the search for the Grimm monster when Ashlyn sent me the telepathic message that she had found the monster that I am looking for.

Without waiting, I spend toward where Ashlyn is and soon saw the group of three Grimm race monsters. These group of Grimm race monster is quite weak as all three of Grimm race monsters are the two-star elites.


Bang! Pachac Pachac!

I activated my mini blast and appear near the monsters and swung my sword with the mini blast and next moment two heads of monsters flew up from their bodies.

"Ple...Please dont kill me!" said the mouseman, as expected of the most cowardly tribe amongst the Grimm race.

The mouseman tribe is one of the weakest and cowardly tribes among the Grimm race, they are basically minions of others.

"I have no intentions of killing you, as long you do something for me, I will let you go," I said with a serious face.

"Really, are you telling the truth?" asked the Grimm monster excitedly but clear reservations could be seen in its eyes, it does not fully believe me, only an idiot would believe in such sentence by the energy.

"I promise, I just need you to open a few storages and I will let you go!" I said but reservation in its eyes still hadn't gone away.

"If you have been Three Star Elite I would have killed you, not only I can get more stuff from the storage of three-star elite, I can even harvest more Crystal from it but you are barely a two-star elite, killing you will not worth much!"

"Look it is your choice, if you refuse I will kill you but if you do what I told you to when you walk out without a scratch, hell if I got the thing I want from there storages, I mig

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