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"Fuck, I am really late!" I cursed as I deactivated my abode, in this place where more than thousend abodes were neatly placed now became empty, there are only two-three abodes that could be seen in the empty stretch of land.

It was a good thing that there is still an hour time before we have to open the gap, after backing my abode I walked toward the Gap where most people gathered.

I am a little disappointed that there is no market today if it had then I would have surely able to buy one or two herbs that I need for another potion.

Humans and Grimm monsters are present in their respective camps and I could clearly feel that the natural tensin is back that wasn't present in the past two days.

This is a reality between two races, they are thirsty for each other's blood and will kill every chance they got.


As I walked on the boundary of the human camp, I was able to sense the unusually high killing intent from some Grimm monsters, I first thought it was a fluke as Grimm monsters always killing intent when humans are here them.

So, I started to walk on the closer proximity of Grimm monsters as I could and noticed that the unusually high killing intent I had sensed is not the fluke.

Every powerful Grimm monster is having a very thick killing intent while those who are below Three Star Elite are acting normal.

Something is cooking!

The Grimm monster probably had planned something dangerous, otherwise, they would not have such powerful killing Rule especially by those powerful Grimm monsters who usually are very composed.

'I will have to be extra careful' I thought and unconsciously checked my artifact and other stuff.

An hour passed by and now we are standing on the neat formation and charging it, so we create an attack powerful enough to open the Gap and on the other side, the Grimm monster doing the same with their advanced formation.

"We will attack in ten-second!" said our leader and leader of the Grimm monsters in unison as both of the formation fully charged.



Ten seconds later a concentrated ball of the energies released from the formation and crashed on the gap. It had created the deafening sound that nearly all the people had to cover their ears to save to them injuring.

As both balls of concentrated energy hit the gap, it started widening at the visible rate and soon it got big enough that humans could pass and a few seconds after it had become five meters wide.


Just as the gap became five meters wide, people started to jump be it a Human and Grimm race monsters but I did not jump, I waited for a few seconds before activated Mini Blast as low power and jumped into gap.

Despite using low power, my speed was quite fast as I was

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